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FusionReactor 10 released, May 18: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a new version 10 (10.0.0) released yesterday, May 18. While it's a new major release number, most of the items listed as new aren't really things that you will "see" as changed in the interface. I don't quite want to call it just "plumbing"--the folks had their reason to regard the new and changed features as warranting the major version number increase.

For more, read on.

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ICYMI: FusionReactor 9.2.2 released Mar 1, can track query cache count per app, fixes memory issues

TLDR; In case you missed it, FusionReactor 9.2.2 was released on March 1, 2023, and among its new features it can optionally now track CF query cache counts per app (as I'll show). It also fixes an important issue of CF 2021 or 2018 "suddenly using a lot of heap memory" which was caused by a change introduced in FR 9.2 as released in mid-Jan, and 9.2.2 also adds new JVM args and UI elements to control the features related to that (as I'll show). There are a couple of other bug fixes/changes as are tracked in the FR release notes.

For some, that news is all they need to hear. For others, read on for more details (including why the delay in my announcing this).

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FusionReactor 9.2.1 update released: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a new 9.2.1 update was released last week, Jan 31, with a couple of bug fixes--including one where you may need to add a JVM arg to prevent an error, in a certain case as I will discuss.

For more, read on.

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What's new in FusionReactor 9.2.0, released Jan 18 2023

If you're a user of the wonderful FusionReactor monitoring and observability solution (for ColdFusion, Lucee, Java servers and more), you may delight in hearing news of a new FusionReactor (FR) version. 9.2.0 was released last week, Jan 18, 2023.

You can learn more (in brief) about what's new in the bullets for 9.2.0 offered at the release notes page.

TLDR: For some folks, news of the new version is all the need to hear. For those who may like to hear a bit more about the update, read on.

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Special offer: upgrade to ColdFusion 2021 from CF2016 or earlier, saving perhaps thousands of $$

If you're running CF2016 or earlier, now's your chance (though the end of the year Feb 28, 2023) to save potentially thousands of dollars in upgrading to the latest current version, CF2021. Intergral, the folks who make the FusionReactor monitoring tool and service, are again offering a special deal of 25% off to upgrade CF2016 or earlier to CF2021 (a deal which even Adobe does not offer).

Read on for more details.

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FusionReactor 9 has been released, with improvements for Cloud and on-prem users

Great news for FusionReactor users: FR9 has been released. Those using it may have noticed they are getting a notification in the FR UI about the update.

This won't be an elaborated post on all that's new in FR9. That will need more than one post as some of the new features are substantial. Indeed, I will at least do a part 2 post with link for where you can find far more on what's new than you may readily find, in FR resources you might otherwise miss.

Instead in this part-1 post I just want to point out what's new (improved or fixed), and indicate what aspects apply to users only of the FR Cloud feature, and what aspects apply to users of the on-prem version as well. (I will also briefly explain the difference between those, for folks not aware.)

I'll also point to info on how to update FR (if you may not do it often), and finally discuss what resources do exist about FR 9, which again I will elaborate on in part 2.

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What's new FusionReactor 8.8.0, just released?

Good news for FusionReactor users: a new version, 8.8.0, has just been released. You can see a list of several bullet points about it in the release notes. Most of the improvements will benefit those using the traditional on-premise version of FR, while the couple that refer to FR Cloud are rather minor.

TLDR: If it's enough for you to know that FR is now updated and those bullets may suffice, you now have what you need to know. :-) In this post, I want to expand on the very brief bullets in those release notes, to give more context and screenshots.

FWIW, I have no inside info or advanced knowledge of the release: this comes from my own assessment of things as I just applied the update this morning. As such, I could be wrong on some points, or may need to come back to clarify something. But in the meantime, I hope this overview may help folks, as sometimes the single bullets in the release notes can leave you wondering. :-)

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Exciting news coming in FusionReactor webinar this Thursday

The FusionReactor folks will offer a webinar this Thurs, Mar 24, at noon US Eastern, "Introducing Distributed tracing and on-prem observability".

I highly recommend that FusionReactor users (and others) register. (Even if you can't attend, you will get access to the recording.) It's about some totally new capabilities:

  • Note that it's about changes coming in both the FR Cloud and in the traditional "on-prem" FR UI. As such, the new capabilities should be very compelling even for those FR users who have not yet bothered to (or for some reason cannot ) use FR Cloud
  • Also, it's about more than what's been made available yet to those beta testing the new "logging" feature in FR Cloud
  • Finally, for those who DO use FR Cloud, there may be discussion of upcoming changes regarding the FR Cloud UI itself

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FusionReactor 8.7.7 released, enhances the recent DB and API Time feature

I had blogged in early November about how FusionReactor 8.7.4 had added at that time a new feature where it lists on request summary pages the DB and API Time of each request, so you could readily tell how much of a request's duration might have been caused by time spent waiting for either of those kinds of resources.

Now in 8.7.7, which was released last week (Mar 1), the benefit of that feature has been extended so that a) the same information is written to both the FusionReactor request logs and b) it's also now available in FR crash protection alert emails. In this post, I'll show you examples of what's changed for each, and I'll note another related changes in the prior FR update, 8.7.6.

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FusionReactor 8.7.4 released, now tracks JDBC time, etc. much more noticeably

FusionReactor version 8.7.4 was released recently (Oct 28. 2021), and while the release notes list several improvement (and a few bug fixes), I want to highlight in particular a couple of new features.

TLDR; The first improvement is one I've been looking forward to for years: the display of JDBC time spent and time spent calling out to remote services on the pages that list requests, like active/longest/slow requests. This will really speed up assessment of the reason of slowness in listed requests. See the screenshot below, and still more as well as another new feature.

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