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Limited-time discount on upgrade to CF2023 from CF2018 or earlier

Here's great news for those still running CF2018 or earlier, who may have been holding off upgrading to CF2023 because you would have to pay full price.

TLDR; Now through Sep 30, 2024 those running CF9, 10, 11, 2016 or 2018 can upgrade to CF2023 for 25% off its full price. (Those running CF2021 can already/always could upgrade at 50% off the full price.)

For more, read on.

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Be aware that ColdFusion 2018 end-of-life (and end of updates) is coming July 2023

Are you still running ColdFusion 2018? Did you know that its end-of-life is July 13, 2023? That's the date that "core" support ends--meaning, no more updates from Adobe after that, not even security fixes.

As for CF2021, it gets updates into 2025, and the currently running pre-release of CF2023 is a great sign for the continued vitality of CF. But this looming deadline for CF2018 is a reminder that as the years roll on, we not only get new versions but we must say good-bye to old ones.

Wondering what you can do? or when CF2021 or CF2023 support will end also? And what's the difference between "core" and "extended" support Adobe sells? (The extended support plan does NOT provide updates beyond this coming July.) For more on these, including official Adobe documentation that discusses such things, as well as my thoughts on migration, costs, various options to consider, and more, do read on.

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