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Bug I've reported: Adobe Tracker email notifications seem to have ceased in 2024

I just posted this bug report, but I want to mention it here not only to spread the news of the issue but also to ask whether others can confirm the issue. For more, here is the tracker ticket:


If you have experienced the issue, please add a vote to the ticket.

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Yep, same. Good catch. I left a comment on the ticket for _this_ issue.
# Posted By Michael Evangelista | 5/8/24 9:41 PM
I always assumed it was intentional... this way it enabled Adobe to close the tickets due to no activity and/or response. This has already happened to me a couple times over the past years when I haven't received any email, but my ticket was closed.

Whenever I receive email notifications of issues that I'm following, I return to the tracker website and manually add changelog notes to the comments. Their system doesn't publicly track this information, so the info will only exist if users manually enter it in for them.
# Posted By James Moberg | 5/10/24 11:45 AM
James, on your second paragraph, are you talking perhaps about changes to the status, like "to fix"or "need more info"? Yep, those are not sent to everyone, so I also often add comments about that.

But I don't want to presume that this ceasing of ANY email notifications is due to them secretly wanting to prevent people coming back to interact. I really think it's a mistake of some sort.

Let's hope they get to it soon.
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