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New whitepapers from Adobe on ColdFusion 2016: lockdown, migration, and performance

Continuing my series of posts on new things in CF2016 which some may miss,there are some new resources from Adobe about CF 2016, posted in recent days. (I suppose we may see a post from Adobe on their blog at some point, but I wanted to share it in the meantime.)

You can find them listed as "whitepapers" at the bottom of ColdFusion.com (as I view it today, at least), so keep an eye there to see if perhaps any others may ever be added.

Here are the docs, with some observations also about their size and version, if available:

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ColdFusion 2016: What's new that's in CF Enterprise only?

Continuing my series of posts I started last week on CF2016, here's a quick post on what's new in CF 2016 that is in the Enterprise edition only (not Standard).

Fortunately, the list is pretty short:

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Pricing for ColdFusion 2016, including upgrading from CF 10 or 11

Continuing my series of posts on CF2016 which I started last week, I wanted to pull together a post on its pricing. Here I show both the base price (for someone purchasing from the US, in Feb 2016), for CF Standard and Enterprise, as well as the upgrade price from CF10 and 11. I also answer a few common questions (where I could find the answer), and I end by pointing to a currently available discount price for CF.

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ColdFusion 2016: Changes in the CF Administrator

As folks continue to explore ColdFusion (2016 Release), aka CF2016, regarding what's new or changed, I thought I'd put together a listing of what has changed in the CF Admin specifically. This is another in a series of posts I started last week on CF2016.

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CF2016: What's deprecated and/or 'no longer supported' (note: nothing 'removed')

Continuing a series of posts I started last week on ColdFusion (2016 Release), aka CF 2016, I'd like to highlight the items that Adobe has chosen to deprecate and/or declare as "no longer supported", as of CF 2016.

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Hurray! ColdFusion 2016 no longer uses Akamai Download Manager

Here's some news that Adobe may not herald, but many users certainly would want to know and celebrate: as of today, when you download ColdFusion 2016 (whether the trial edition, developer edition, or on buying Standard or Enterprise, or the Express edition introduced in CF11), you are no longer forced to go through the Akamai Download Manager! :-)

For many, that's all they need to know. For others, there are some more points worth discussing. Read on, if that may interest you.

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Version numbers of libraries underlying ColdFusion 2016

Are you wondering what updates (in terms of version numbers) have been made to the libraries underlying CF2016?

For instance, what's the version of Solr? (It's considerably upgraded over what was in CF11 and 10). What about Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Hibernate, Quartz, jQuery, and so on?

In this post, I offer a rundown of what seem the most significant libraries and their versions, as deployed in the first release of ColdFusion (2016 Release). I also explain how I found these version numbers, which isn't always obvious, in case that may help others. But I also offer some commentary on why this is an important issue to some, and I offer some counterpoints to the demands some have that every library should always be the absolute latest version (and why that's just not practicable).

If you just want the version numbers without the "waffle", look for the bulleted list of them below. :-)

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Released today: CF2016, or 'ColdFusion (2016 release)'. What's new, and more

If you're not following the Adobe CF team blog, you may have missed the announcement there today of the newest version of CF, ColdFusion 2016. More on the name in a moment.

And while that Adobe blog post mentions a few of the main new features, as is nearly always the case it leaves out many other new features which may interest folks. It also doesn't point to resources to learn more. I do those things here in this post.

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