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New whitepapers from Adobe on ColdFusion 2016: lockdown, migration, and performance

Note: This blog post is from 2016. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Continuing my series of posts on new things in CF2016 which some may miss,there are some new resources from Adobe about CF 2016, posted in recent days. (I suppose we may see a post from Adobe on their blog at some point, but I wanted to share it in the meantime.)

You can find them listed as "whitepapers" at the bottom of ColdFusion.com (as I view it today, at least), so keep an eye there to see if perhaps any others may ever be added.

Here are the docs, with some observations also about their size and version, if available:

  • Lockdown Guide (85 pages, currently version 1.0, released Feb 2) - An update to the classic document that Pete Freitag has been doing for CF for a few releases. Everyone should read this, and heed its recommendations. I'll have more to say on that in another post.
  • Migration Guide (22 pages, currently version 2.0, no date offered) - Focuses on a few things: how installation on a current server running CF already offers to migrate admin settings; how one can do that with the CF Archive (CAR) feature (available for CF Standard since CF11); using the Code Analyzer, and how to troubleshoot some server-level migration issues. For more on "what's new" in 2016, see the docs page on What's New in CF2016. For more on what's deprecated, see the docs or my other post discussing what's deprecated in 2016
  • Server Performance White Paper (9 pages, version 2.0, no version or date info offered) - Discusses specific performance improvements in CF 2016 (not performance of CF in general, nor performance-related changes in previous releases, nor all available optimizations in code or config). It's focused solely on changes in CF 2016 (or could be a huge document), whether regarding existing code/configuration as migrated or as impacted via new config/coding options available. Includes an appendix indicating the server and CF admin configuration for the testing they did.
  • API Manager Performance White Paper (18 pages, no version or date info offered) - Discusses load testing done against the new API Manager, and the rate of traffic sustained (very important as an aspect of the API Manager is to act as a gateway for performing, managing, monitoring, caching, and even throttling API calls, whether against CF or any server in your infrastructure). Since the API Manager is a new product, it's a larger document than that on CF, focused as it is only on changes in 2016 (in case anyone may comment that the CF Performance guide is only half its size)

There is also now a single page from Adobe listing all the CF2016 whitepapers (and datasheets).

Hope that's helpful. Check 'em out.

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Very useful pointers, especially the lockdown guide. Thanks Charlie.
# Posted By Gary F | 3/3/16 7:29 PM
The link to lockdown guide that you list doesn't work for me. Maybe it's something on our network here or maybe it's not working for others.

This link does work for me. I want to mention in case others are having a smiliar probelm.

# Posted By Allen | 3/18/16 10:43 AM
Allen, the link to the 2016 lockdown guide (which I offer) does indeed work for me, and no one else has said it doesn't, so it would indeed seem to be an issue on your end.

To be clear, the link you've offered is to the CF11 version of the guide. You don't clarify that this was your intention, in offering it "for others having a similar problem". I appreciate that the CF11 one would be better than nothing, but the post was indeed on the new versions of the docs.

Can you perhaps try accessing it from either a different browser, different machine, or different network? I (and I suspect Adobe) would be curious to hear if you (or anyone else reading along would) still have a problem.
Great post Charlie!

One thing I can't find is documentation on configuring Coldfusion 2016 to run on Apache and an external installation of Tomcat.

Installation on a Linux server shows the CFADMIN fine, however, connecting with Tomcat to have web apps setup to run presents a snag with running Mod_jk, specifically configuring Apache and Tomcat using APJ.

Are there any documents showing this?

Web app pages show in the browser but CF code is showing up as plain text code in the browser.
# Posted By Michael | 5/2/16 6:07 PM
Hi Charlie

A client has CF9 running on RedHat Linux, Apache and Tomcat 7. They want to migrate to Coldfusion 2016.

Is there any best practices or instructions on doing this? Upon installation, CF2016 administrator comes up but cfusion is on Tomcat and I don't know how to proceed now to get web applications to deploy and run.
Michael, sorry I missed your last two comments. About getting CF running on Tomcat natively, it would be just like running CF on any java app server. That's covered in the "Installing CF" manual. I will note that Adobe uses a modified form of the Tomcat web server connector (mod_jk for Apache, isapi)redirect.dll in Apache), so there will be differences there if one tries to use the native one from Tomcat.

If you're still having issues, I doubt an extended conversation here will be effective (and as you see, it is not guaranteed to be timely). This may be one of those things better suited to the CF server troubleshooting I do (remotely, quickly, safely, and satisfaction guaranteed). More at www.carehart.org/consulting.
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