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Workaround for performance issue in CF's use of Redis for sessions

This is important news for those using CF's feature to store sessions (session variables for all sessions) in Redis.

Some folks, using it with CF2021 or 2023 found CF was somehow heavily impacting their Redis instance. The good news is that I've found an easy fix/workaround (until Adobe fixes it formally).

For more (including why you may or may NOT be impacted by the issue), read on.

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I've updated the post to offer the link to the tracker ticket. (I wanted to be able to point back to this post there, so I created it first.)

Also, I added another bullet point in the final list talking about what happens (in CF and Lucee) if the redis instance either becomes unavailable while they're running, or IS unavailable when they start.
Thanks for the heads up Charlie, we use Redis with CF2023 but thankfully don't have the pmtagent installed, will be sure to keep it that way!
# Posted By Chris | 5/28/24 9:09 PM
Yep, this is directed more to the typical install that does have it. As I noted, some would not, some should not, and sadly some will feel they must run with it. Again, hoping Adobe will address this for those who run it.
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