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Special offer: upgrade to ColdFusion 2021 from CF2016 or earlier, saving perhaps thousands of $$

If you're running CF2016 or earlier, now's your chance (though the end of the year Feb 28, 2023) to save potentially thousands of dollars in upgrading to the latest current version, CF2021. Intergral, the folks who make the FusionReactor monitoring tool and service, are again offering a special deal of 25% off to upgrade CF2016 or earlier to CF2021 (a deal which even Adobe does not offer).

Read on for more details.

Why this deal is special

As you may know, Adobe only ever offers a discounted upgrade price for those moving to the current version from the immediately preceding version. So that means that currently, Adobe's upgrade discount (50% off a "full license") is offered only for those moving to CF2021 from CF2018. Those on older versions cannot avail themselves of that deal, and must pay for a "full license" (as if they'd never bought ColdFusion. Many vendors work that way.)

But by special arrangement, Intergral is offering a special upgrade price of 25% off that "full license" price, even if you are running CF2016, CF11 (from 2014), CF10 (from 2012), or even CF9 (from 2009)!

For example, an upgrade from CF2016 to CF2021 Enterprise would normally cost the full price of $9499. With this limited-time offer, that price would be around $7124, so you'd save about $2375...and you'd save that for each ColdFusion Enterprise license you may need. The cost for ColdFusion Standard is about 1/4 of Enterprise, so the savings would be 1/4 that, again for each CF Standard you'd buy, which could still add up to thousands for some folks.

(Another benefit of having upgraded to CF2021 is that when CF2023 comes out, likely early-mid next year, you would now qualify for that 50% upgrade discount to that, which would be offered only to those on CF2021--not even to those on ColdFusion 2018.)

This offer is indeed limited to those who are or become FusionReactor customers, but you can even leverage it if you are using even just the low-cost FusionReactor Developer edition. That said, I'm a huge fan of FusionReactor and I think that every shop can benefit from it (I help people use it daily.)

Again, the offer ends Dec 30, 2022 Feb 28, 2023 (this updated end-date was announced in late Dec by the folks at Intergral).

Finding more

For more on the deal, see the FusionReactor blog post, Exclusive ColdFusion Upgrade Promo from FusionReactor.

The page answers a lot of common questions one may have. I also just noticed that it ends with links to a couple of recent CF2021 webinars I did (offered via Adobe and posted on YouTube), on migrating to CF2021 and installing CF2021. BE sure to watch those if you have not.

Why it's important to consider upgrading to CF2021, for security reasons

If you may wonder why you should consider upgrading to ColdFusion 2021, beyond what I share in those videos, note that know that Adobe only supports or updates such older versions of ColdFusion for 5 years after they come out. So ColdFusion 2016 got its last updates in 2021, ColdFusion 11 in 2019, and so on. There are important security as well as bug fix reasons (and sometimes new features) that should motivate you upgrading to supported versions--and note that Adobe (and Intergral) only sells the latest version (CF2021), once it comes out.

More help on considering or implementing an upgrade to CF2021

For more on CF2021, besides those two videos of mine linked to on that FR page, you may also want to check out my talks on Hidden Gems in CF2021, the most recent being Hidden Gems in CF2021: a Year Later.

And of course I can help with considering, installing, or migrating to any CF version from any other, as well as considering, installing, or using FusionReactor. Again, for more, see my consulting page for more on my rates, approach, satisfaction guarantee, link to my online calendar, and more.

If you're giving any thought to moving up to CF2021 from versions like CF2016 and earlier, now's the time to act or start preparing to act, before the year is up Apr 30 2022.

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