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FusionReactor 10.0.1 update released Jun 22 2023: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a 10.0.1 update was released last month, Jun 22, with a few bug fixes/improvements. (Sorry for the delay in reporting this. It's been a busy few weeks.)

For more on the update, as well as help on installing such FR updates, read on.

The 6 items listed in the FR release notes for 10.0.1

If you visit the release notes page for FR, you will see that the items indicated as changed were these:

  • New Feature - Additional Support for Coalesce images
  • Bug - Fix the sending of certain cloud data when using a proxy
  • Improvement / Bug - Incorporate telemetry shipper health status into the cloud health status icon
  • Improvement / Bug - Make -Dfrhomepage the definitive home page for all roles, regardless of configuration. Remove the Set Home Page button too
  • Improvement - Remove all chat icons when -Dfr.chat.enabled=false
  • Improvement / Bug - Disable class transformation attempts when Java version is not supported for that class

If you visit the FR UI (on-prem or in the cloud), you will also be notified of this new update. And that notification will take you to the FR download page, which itself also has a link to the release notes mentioned above. I just point these updates out when I can, to help folks who might miss that info or want more information.

As for performing an update to FR, I did a blog post on that topic in 2018, which still mostly applies well.

If you need help installing the update, or working with FR, or dealing with any aspect of ColdFusion or Lucee, I am available for short-term, remote consulting, with satisfaction guaranteed or you won't pay for the time. See my online calendar link or contact info offered there.

To be clear, I don't work for Intergral, the makers, but I am a LONG-time fan and love helping people know more about it, just as I help folks use it almost daily in my consulting work.

And if you'd like to hear more about using FusionReactor, I've done several hour-long webinars over the years, and those are available as a playlist on my youtube channel. I've also done over 60 FR blog posts.

As always, I welcome comments and corrections to this post.

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