Welcome to this new list of resources related to updating CF, Java, and related tools of interest to CFML developers.
(Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018)

See below for:

Links to updates available for CF, Java, FusionReactor, and related tools

Resources to help in applying such updates

Getting help in applying such updates, from Charlie Arehart

  • If you have not applied these various updates, this is something I can help with. While it CAN go easily enough for anyone to do, it can also just as likely fail which leaves most people dead in the water. But I can help resolve such problems quickly. I can make sure each update is done well and quickly, generally in 15-30 minutes for each update (which includes making sure there are no failures in applying the update, as well as offering any guidance in considering and applying the update.)

    To that end, I am also announcing a new fixed price rate for implementing such updates on your server, remotely (via shared desktop, remote desktop, or other online means you prefer), at just $100 per update per instance. (We only ever need do the latest update of the above, as they’re always cumulative.) For more information on obtaining such assistance, see the contact information on the CArehart Consulting page.

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