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FusionReactor 10 released, May 18 2023: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a new version 10 (10.0.0) released yesterday, May 18. While it's a new major release number, most of the items listed as new aren't really things that you will "see" as changed in the interface. I don't quite want to call it just "plumbing"--the folks had their reason to regard the new and changed features as warranting the major version number increase.

For more, read on.

Of course, I had just last week blogged on the release of FR 9.2.2, released March 1. I'm not letting as much time pass with this post. :-)

The items listed in the FR release notes for 10.0.0

If you visit the release notes page for FR, you will see that the number of items is rather large. And while I am just parroting here what it lists there, at least here I have ordered it differently: first I list new features, then improvements, then bug fixes. And within each group, if items seem related to each other, I list them next to each other. I also list CF-related issues first in each group, given my main audience here:

  • New Feature: Support for ColdFusion 2023
  • New Feature: Add support for Coalesce Azure image
  • New Feature: Add telemetry shippers to cloud status page
  • New Feature: Implement transaction tracking for JMS/MDB. See FusionReactor System Properties for configuration info
  • New Feature: Replace datapack with Prometheus Remote Write for sending FR metrics
  • Improvement: Add ability to configure span sampling ratio during runtime
  • Improvement: Stops shipping profiles logs
  • Improvement: Telemetry shippers retry on 404 and 429 response status codes
  • Improvement: Export/ship unsampled ITTs with their child/sub transactions
  • Improvement: Add JVM arg (-D) for disabling email notification from reports plugin
  • Improvement: Add JVM arg (-D) for setting homepage
  • Improvement: Add JVM args (-D) for setting passwords for manager and observer roles
  • Improvement: Add JVM arg (-D) for disabling CommandBox server detection
  • Bug: Fix ColdFusion fileExists function when used with S3 and auth/keys
  • Bug: User role should be passed when visiting ephemeral servers via Enterprise Dashboard
  • Bug: Protect against NullPointerException when detecting CommandBox servers
  • Bug: Fix host and port detection for OkHttp transactions when host has underscores (EXAMPLE_HOST)
  • Bug: Fix log shipper only processing the retry queue when new entries are queued
  • Bug: Fix telemetry shipper authentication

As you can see, many of the changes relate to how FR on-prem communicates with FR Cloud (telemetry, log shipping, etc.), and some items are about making it easier to configure FR via code/jvm args rather than the UI, which will certainly appeal to seeking more and more automated deployment capabilities. Hope you may find value in these or other items listed there.

As of now, I am not seeing any changes that warrant me offering any screenshot. :-) If I may learn of anything more (or more I should understand and share about one of the above), I will update this post (or create a new one, if it's warranted).

Getting/installing/implementing the update

As for knowing about, getting, and implementing the update, first if you visit the FR UI (on-prem or in the cloud), you will also be notified of this new update. And that notification will take you to the FR download page, which itself also has a link to the release notes mentioned above. I just point these updates out when I can, to help folks who might miss that info or want more information.

As for moving to the new version, it's just like any other update:

  • those who have used the full installer (and its "FRAM" feature) can just get the new installer and run it, walking through the update of FRAM and then use of the FRAM Instance Manager to update (and restart) their app server instance/s
  • those who have gone the more automated route of manually configuring their app server to use FR can just put the new jar in place of the old one and restart their app server instance/s

FWIW, I did a blog post on that topic in 2018, which still mostly applies well.

Finally, if you need help installing the update, or working with FR, or dealing with that issue above (or indeed any aspect of ColdFusion, or Lucee, or using FusionReactor itself), I am available for short-term, remote consulting, with satisfaction guaranteed or you won't pay for the time. See my online calendar link or contact info offered there.

To be clear, I don't work for Intergral, the makers, but I am a LONG-time fan and love helping people know more about it, just as I help folks use it almost daily in my consulting work.

And if you'd like to hear more about using FusionReactor, I've done several hour-long webinars over the years, and those are available as a playlist on my youtube channel. I've also done over 60 FR blog posts.

As always, I welcome comments and corrections to this post.

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