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Thrilled to be speaking at Adobe CF Summit East, Apr 6

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been asked to present again at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2023, a free one-day conference being held in Washington DC on Apr 6, at the Marriott Marquis.

For more on the event, my talk, and how this means I have to skip attending/speaking at DevNexus the same week, read on.

Some readers here may have noticed that I had posted news of the event at the Adobe CF Portal back in early Feb, when I had first heard its date was set. After a 3-year hiatus due to Covid, it was great to see the event being held again. (And I just updated that post to share the news that Adobe will be offering their day-long CF Certification workshop the day before.)

...but I've had to drop out of speaking at DevNexus, held the same week

Yet some readers may ALSO know that in late Jan I had shared news in a post here that I'd been selected as a speaker at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta. Of course, when I heard the news of CF Summit literally just a week later, I was very conflicted: DevNexus is a wonderful event, as I discussed in the post.

But CF is indeed my main focus, and being able to attend CF Summit East (and go back to where I was born and raised--and in April, no less, when DC is really at its prettiest) and see my many old friends there was a strong tug.

Then I learned I'd been asked to present--AND to be able to present my classic talk, "Hidden Gems in CF2023 (code name Fortuna)". (I've shared here in mid-November about how the prerelease for that had started. There's still no announced date for its release, so my talk would at least be based on the alpha so far and the beta surely to come.)

Hearing that news did really seal my decision to try to beg out of DevNexus. I've never cancelled before on now over 300 previous presentations.

But I reached out to them last week, with sincere apologies, and they were so kind in "letting me off the hook" (indeed, someone will be very happy to learn that they would now be able to take my slot to present at that event). I do surely hope I can present there in the future, maybe even next year. (Why is it that so many tech conferences often conflict with each other?! I realize that these two are virtually unrelated so wouldn't think to coordinate.)

My apologies also to anyone who may have seen/heard news of my talk and signed up to attend DevNexus. There are of course several dozen other wonderful talks and the whole conference to enjoy. And as for my talk, I may offer it on the Online CFMeetup in coming months. For now, I will put its development on hold to focus on the talk at CF Summit East, which again is...

My Summit East talk, "Hidden Gems in CF2023 (codename Fortuna)"

Normally, I'd have put this section first in my announcement of a speaking engagement, but since I'd posted earlier the news of my speaking at DevNexus (and that had been shared a couple of times on the Modernize or Die CFML News podcast), I wanted to share the news above lest some might not have read down below this section, if I'd put that news there instead.

So as I write this, the Summit East site does not yet offer any list of speakers or topics, but again I've already gotten the OK from Adobe that I can present my classic hidden gems talk on the new release (see above about the current prerelease/release plans):

"Hidden Gems in CF2023 (codename Fortuna)"
It's that time again: another new ColdFusion version, and another chance for Charlie Arehart to reprise his classic "hidden gems" approach to finding what all is new that you might miss, like he's been doing since CF4.0.1. Some may be modest features that few would use, while others may be pretty big deals but which just don't get much press. There are always FAR more new things with each release than most people realize--usually several dozen (and CF2023 should be no exception), and then more may come in updates to follow. Charlie will identify them, highlighting some, as well as discussing edition differences, pricing, migration issues, and pointing to resources for learning more.

(I should clarify that as for pricing and edition differences, those won't be known until the final release. Again it's not clear even clear to me if it WILL be released by then, but if it is, then I will be able to discuss those things, as I have in all my past editions of this talk.)

See you there!

So I hope to see you at the event. Besides the several talks which will be offered, there will be vendors (I know the FusionReactor guys will be there), and note again the event it free, with breakfast and lunch provided. Whether you're in the DC area already, or like me you will make the trip there (I now live 10 hours away in Kentucky, but it's an easy drive!), I hope you'll come out and join in the event. Here is the link to register.

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While sessions at the event were not recorded, I have posted my PDF at carehart.org/presentations. And I will be offering the talk next month at CFCamp. I also plan to offer it on the Online CFMeetup, likely after that (and by then the final release may have dropped, in which case I could update the talk to be based on THAT rather than the beta.)
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