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Thrilled to be presenting at Devnexus 2023

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been selected as a speaker at Devnexus 2023, the long-running professional developer conference held in Atlanta. If you may not be familiar with it, I'll talk about the event a bit more below, as well as offer a discount code to attend.

As for my session, it will be "Transitioning to Java 17 from 11 or 8 for Admins":

If you're responsible for deploying Java-based apps (as an admin or developer), you know that transitioning to a new major Java version can be painful--or you may at least fear it will be, so perhaps you/your org may have dragged your feet. But new versions can also bring important benefits.

While you can readily find resources discussing Java LANGUAGE and architecture changes between the LTS (and non-LTS) versions, sometimes it's hard for an admin or maintenance dev to sort through what matters for them (who won't necessarily be "touching" code): which JVM changes are inherent vs optional, which may break or impact how code/apps perform, which may improve things, and so on. This session will look at key changes of this sort for those moving to Java 17, whether from Java 11 or 8.

Clearly, it's not "a CF talk", but it's a topic that could benefit CF or Lucee folks. Indeed, it's who I had in mind first in coming up with the topic. :-) But I'll of course make it of generic value to the audience regardless of platform.

About Devnexus

So about the conference itself, some of my readers may well have heard about it. The Ortus folks mention it each year on the Modernize or Die CFML News podcast. And CF hall-of-famers Luis Majano and Brad Wood of Ortus as well as Ray Camden have been recent Devnexus speakers, talking on generic tech topics (those who try say that CF/CFML topic proposals have never been accepted.) Also, the FusionReactor folks have been recent, repeat sponsors.

While Devnexus is known MOSTLY as a Java conference, it's more than just that--similar to how Into the Box is more than just a conference about Ortus solutions and "box" products. You can view previous year's session topics to assess things yourself.

And here are some of their own words. The annual event that draws over 2000 attendees, spanning "three days, beginning with an optional full day of six hands-on workshop sessions, followed by two days of presentations and live demonstrations on the industry's hottest topics with over a dozen tracks...Devnexus brings attendees unparalleled opportunities for both learning about the latest technology trends and diving deep into technologies that interest them...with internationally acclaimed presenters and technologists while also connecting with like-minded developers who are mastering their craft in a range of relevant technologies. Founded in 2004 by the Atlanta Java Users Group as Atlanta DevCon and restarted in 2009 under the moniker Devnexus".

And here's a one-minute video promo for last year's event, which gives you a sense of the vibe/size:

Registration discount code

Add in a mega raffle at the end, as well as great food and networking, so if you may be interested in attending you can use the discount code they've given to all speakers to share, SEEMESPEAK at https://devnexus.com/.

It will be my first time attending, but I've only heard great things over the years. It'll be fun also for me to be back in the ATL, where my wife and I lived from 2003-2015, before we moved to lovely, rural south central Kentucky (near Lake Cumberland, for those who may be familiar with that.)

Anyway, I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones at yet another in-real-life tech conference (like last year's Into the Box and CF Summit events).

Hope I may see you there!

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