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Adobe has started to open the prerelease Alpha for ColdFusion 2023 (codename Fortuna)

If you're active in social media you may have heard the news already, but for those who are not, Adobe has started to open the prerelease program for the next CF version, aka ColdFusion 2023--though known for now formally by its code name, Project Fortuna. You can find out more (and request to join) the prerelease program at its page on the Adobe prerelease site (where you will see as well as all kinds of prereleases for other Adobe products).

For now, only the Alpha has been announced, and the number of registrants allowed may be limited.

For more on that and about the prerelease (what can be gleaned/shared publicly), read on.

Brushing up on your greek ABC's

It's described currently as being an "alpha" (despite the word "beta" in the URL above), which would mean it's a very early build (not even released there yet). Typically, that would be followed by a more polished "beta" in time, then eventually the "final" release. (If you never knew, alpha and beta are the first two letters in the greek alphabet.)

FWIW, Adobe folks said at the Adobe CF Summit in October that we should expect that final release sometime in the first half of 2023 (thus the general reference to the product name as CF2023).

As always, and especially with Adobe being a public company, any such statements are very carefully worded and sometimes frustratingly vague. We just have to read the tea leaves and learn what we can.

The first rule of fight club is...

Indeed, like the classic movie Fight Club, a first rule of participating in the prerelease is that we agree to an NDA that indicates we will not share publicly anything we learn during the prerelease (unless it's ok'ed by Adobe to release the news). So some may wonder why I can share this info that I have. First, again if you visit that Adobe prerelease page (and login), you will see what prerelease programs DO exist.

Second, the news was shared on the CFML Slack channel (whose content is not under any NDA). If you'd like to read what CF Evangelist Mark Takata had to say, see his post there. And if you're not yet a member of the CFML Slack yet, you can join via this automated registration mechanism (no need to be "invited", etc. as on some Slack channels). (Or if you simply want to see Mark's post and the thread related to it, without joining the Slack channel, you can see it also via this public feed here.)

FWIW, Mark has indicated there that the Alpha would be limited to 200 folks. It's not clear if that will be expanded during the alpha, though it surely would be during the beta.

Where to find more info, over time

All that said, there have been no further details offered about what the new release will BRING (or change), other than some broad bullet points offered at the CF Summit Keynote in October (which I didn't note and haven't seen others share). But we should expect more info to be shared in time, in various places:

Again, for now I wanted to at least get this initial word out via yet another outlet, here on my blog. :-)

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So no spoilers then. What really captured people's interest in CF in the early days was being able to achieve something that took 2 to 3 times as much code as other languages to accomplish, like db queries, PDF generation, charts, etc. I'm empty of suggestions but there must be a hot list of modern sever-side features that can be baked into CF 2023. I'm not inferring anything that would cause CF to generate client-side code because we know how out of date that becomes after a several years.
I would still like to see server-side Photoshop filters applied to images, and now Adobe have AI filters they could give CF a major edge over other languages.
# Posted By Gary F | 11/20/22 4:29 PM
Goodness, no (no spoilers from me). But yes, I expect them to add things that will offer great time savings over doing things by hand. There are plenty of things in IT that are not yet "baked into" CF. Time will tell what makes it in.

There will be a preview this week, offered as a webinar by Adobe. I forgot to add that here originally, but I just have.

And that's just what they'll initially identify. As my hidden gems talks show, there will be FAR more that won't get such press but that may be even more valuable to some.
Was that webinar recorded? I signed up but was unable to attend....
# Posted By Jack Poe | 11/28/22 8:01 AM
Yes, it was. And I just found they've started posting them, at youtube, under the adobecoldfusion account. This cf builder session recording is here:
Sorry, you were asking about the cf2023 preview. That ("road to Fortuna") session recording is here :
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