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New look for CArehart.org, especially better for the blog on mobile

OK, so in my last post (celebrating my 600th post and 17th year blogging here) I happened to admit that the site still looked like it was from 2006--that's actually the year of the blogcfc 5.005 version that I based it on...and I never really changed the "look and feel" much.

Until this weekend...and it may not be noticeable to all, but I suspect some things will stand out to regular readers, starting with....

Blog much improved on mobile!

So I spent several hours this weekend, and I am happy to report that both the blog is MUCH easier to read on a mobile device. No more nav bar on the right and only several words per line in the text! :-)

Actually, I had implemented CSS media queries to solve that problem in the main site (carehart.org) a couple of years ago but I just dragged my feet sorting through it for the blog since it was so old. But I stuck it out.

"...nothing like a fresh coat of paint"

And I think most will find it (and even tweaks to the overall layout of both sites) to be considerably improved.

Again, it's still not "thoroughly modern" by any stretch. More like lipstick on a pig, I suppose. But it's an improvement.

Again, thanks to folks encouraging me

First I want to thank the many people who offered really kind comments of encouragement about the value of the content, either in the blog post comments or in social media reactions about that post.

Also, I want to thank in particular a client, Chris Giminez, who kindly needled me Friday about the font size for the blog posts, which started me down the road of digging in to improve things...and then he shared some observations about the sidebar, and that REALLY reminded me of the need to address first and foremost moving the sidebar to the bottom on mobile. And once I was rolling I just didn't want to stop until making things at least where they are now.

And as I noted in the previous post, thanks also to others who had even tried to offer other complete rewrites in the past!

More improvements to come? Yes to some, no (for now) to others

So enjoy, and who knows...maybe I'll give in to that infernal compulsion everyone has to stick an image on every blog post, whether it makes sense or not. Umm, no I don't think so. And yes, I could just crank 'em out with dall-e, sure. At that point, as more and more do that, it REALLY seems to be pointless. So for now I'll stay on my "content is king" horse. :-)

What about a mobile app (such as for the cf411, ugtv, and other data-driven sections of the main site)? For now, I don't see it in the cards. But again, time will tell.

Until then, enjoy.

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