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An interesting pair of anniversaries for my blog: 600 posts, over 17 years this month

After I posted my last entry, I happened to notice that it was exactly my 600th post here at carehart.org/blog. How about that? And in that time I've had 3,645 comments from folks. I do write mostly for you all, so thanks!

I also noticed that it marks my 17th year of blogging here, almost to the day with my first entry posted this same week back then, Apr 15 2006. That's "pretty darn interesting", as Ray Camden might say.

FWIW, I'd also blogged elsewhere--yes, on CF--prior to starting this one. And the first of those posts were in early 1998--so technically it's my 25th anniversary of blogging about CF. :-)

But about that dated site layout...

Yes, yes. Some will want to point out that the blog still LOOKS like one from 2006. I do apologize. I've dragged my feet improving it...though it's not for lack of ANY effort.

Update: Since writing this post last week, I did spend several hours this past weekend cleaning up quite a few aspects. OK, so maybe it's not looking like from 2006 anymore. Perhaps 2015? :-) At least it's MUCH more readable on mobile--and also even a bit more readable and pleasant to the eyes on desktop as well. With some newfound appreciation of how to go about improving things, I hope to revisit/refine things even further in time. Now, back to what I had written originally.

I should note that others have kindly offered to help over the years:

  • First, both Blue River and Ortus folks tried to convert it to Mura (a dozen years ago) and Contentbox (several years ago) respectively, but in each case certain aspects of the blog or site couldn't quite be converted successfully.
  • A couple of years ago, Gregory Alexander of Galaxie Blog also gave it a shot, as he developed that blog software--a fork of Ray's legendary BlogCFC, which this site was built on. I didn't quite grok it and its layout mechanism, so I never made that move.
  • Then more recently Scott Steinbeck offered a new layout and prototype. That happened to be at a time when I was just overwhelmed so I've not implemented it, though I'm still open to it!

I do sincerely appreciate the efforts of all those folks!

Here's hoping "content is king"

Still, content is king, right? I've plugged on with sharing the info I do regardless of the look and feel knowing that people could at least find it if they sought it. I realize the blog especially is pathetic on mobile (though it's better for the main site). I do hope to address that at least, if not a full redesign.

There's certainly a lot better ways to offer blogs--but a challenge is keeping things so that old links (scattered throughout the web and my own site) can redirect successfully with any new blog's link setup.

Anyway, my main point here was to celebrate the accomplishment rather than dwell on what's lacking. I hope some of you will join me in enjoying that more positive aspect! :-)

And I don't know if I should say, "and here's to 17 more years", but hey, it's possible!

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Thanks for all you do Charlie. I think the site looks fine, I come here for great content and you deliver.
# Posted By Randy | 4/19/23 5:48 AM
Happy anniversary Charlie. Don't know what the CF community would do without you.
# Posted By Shirzad Khusrokhan | 4/19/23 6:59 AM
I have not used ColdFusion for several years now, but I still follow your blog, Charlie, just because it's been so interesting all these years. I was also using CF back in 1998, so I was probably running across your content even then!
# Posted By Jason | 4/19/23 10:34 AM
Happy anniversaries! You have always shared valuable guidance and opinions and I feel fortunate to have benefitted from your experience on many, many occasions. Thank you, and here's to 600 more! Cheers!!
# Posted By Jim F | 4/19/23 11:40 AM
Congrats on the milestones Charlie, your posts are always helpful and much appreciated!
# Posted By Chris | 4/20/23 3:06 AM
Thanks so much everyone for your kind regards. Such feedback is always so encouraging and much appreciated.
25 years and 600 posts are incredibly amazing! If you ever want to try Galaxie Blog 3, let me know and I will try to help you! Thanks for the kind words- and yes, content is king no matter what, and more importantly- your content helps the CF community. Thanks for all of your hard work Charlie!
Oops, correction- 17 years, not 25! Still an amazing feat here...
Thanks very much, on both counts! :-) BTW, I did mention 25 yrs total of CF blogging, so I understand how you "crossed the streams".
The only thing better than your knowledge and expertise is your kindness, honestness, and passion for helping others. You are truly a legend and someone I'm happy to have known (for way too many years ;).
Wow, Ray, that's very touching to hear, especially from you, not only because we do indeed go back to the very early days of cf, but because you're one of the very models of sharing and kindness that I and most everyone in the community hold up as a standard, along with Ben (both of them) and others--including some carrying that effort forward now and into the future.

I remain very glad to be serving the cf/cfml community, and it's great that we have both legendary and classics-in-the-making here to help propel CF for years to come, hopefully many for those of us who still enjoy working with it!
Congratulations on a long and successful career, Charlie! Happy to have followed you for all these many years, having started with CF back in the first versions as well in the 90's and having used your services a few times - and your advice many times more. Glad you're still in this game!
# Posted By Randy L. Smith | 4/21/23 1:57 PM
Thanks, Randy. I do love my involvement here! :-)
Congrats Charlie! I've followed and referenced your posts for many, many (many) years. They've always been informative and approached from a humble attitude--something I'm sure emanates from your approach to life itself. Thanks for all you've done to give back to the community!
# Posted By Mark Mazelin | 4/28/23 2:29 PM
Thank you very much, Mark. Very kind of you, and so encouraging I promise! :-)
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