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Most-viewed ColdFusion blog entries of 2012

Note: This blog post is from 2012. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
As the year comes to a close, many bloggers take a moment to document the most-viewed entries of the year on their blog. In that spirit, here are the top-viewed entries of the year for my blog.

I have more to say about the list (and such lists) below, but for those who like to "get to the point", here's the list:

Charlie Arehart's Ultimate List of 200+ New #ColdFusion 10 Features 10903
Have you noticed the #ColdFusion 10 admin allows only one login at a time? It's by design 4026
Could CF image resizing be killing your #ColdFusion server? Explanation and solutions. 3295
What's new in #ColdFusion 10 that's only in Enterprise? or restricted in Standard? 3207
If #ColdFusion or #CFML are "dying", then why are there still 12 active conferences covering them?! 2946
The built-in web server in #ColdFusion 10: enabling it, configuring it, reconsidering it 2555
Some hidden gems in ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 for those who edit via FTP 2451
CF911: Want to monitor #ColdFusion "out of process" (from outside the instance itself)? Many ways. 2311
Getting #ColdFusion 8/9 downloads (with Verity): ways that may work even after today 2155
CF911: Latest CF Security hotfix technote updated (Mar 29) for issue with #ColdFusion 8.0.1 2091

About these sort of lists

I'm always torn about any such "top-viewed" lists. For one thing, they tend to be self-perpetuating: people see the list, and may click the links, which raises the count. Then, too, it doesn't really take into account which entries have been there nearly all year vs those posted perhaps only recently.

But hey, it's what people do, and if it helps someone perhaps find an entry they may otherwise have missed (with so many blogs and tweets out there in the community), then that would be a good thing.

About this list

The count shown is static, as of today. And while I realize the numbers are small compared to other mega-CF-bloggers out there, hey, I don't see this as competition. It's all just about helping others learn as we go.

As for my use of #coldfusion in the title here, that's admittedly to help increase the likelihood of the entry being spotted on twitter, at least for those following the #coldfusion hashtag, when news of the entry is posted there from various aggregators. I've started doing that recently for all my CF-based blog entries, which I hope helps people spot them. But in the case of the list above, these are in fact all CF-based entries, as indeed pretty much all my entries are.

Of course, there are many more entries that didn't make the list, which may still interest readers--and some that I think are very important, but maybe others didn't! Or maybe some that came out "too late for Oscar consideration". :-)

Considering that, I think I'll put out another entry listing all the entries from the past year (update: done now, here). Again, perhaps someone may find something there they've missed that could be helpful. That's always the goal.

Hope everyone has a happy new year!

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This is a good idea Charlie! I see it inspired Ray Camden to post his list:


and it also made me curious about my own top posts:

Cool to hear, Sean. Thanks for the update, and glad to have started that ball rolling. Hey, it's my first meme, I guess!

Well, as I acknowledge in the entry, I did get the idea from seeing others doing it in various communities over the years. But hey, if this kick starts a process of reflection and recall for the CF, er, CFML community, glad to have had a hand in it! :-)
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