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All My Blog Entries for 2012 (all but 3 about ColdFusion)

Following up my last blog entry (highlighting the top 10 most-viewed entries for my blog this year), here's a listing instead of all the entries I've done this year, if it may help someone more easily review if they missed any that might be interesting.

I present the list in two forms: first, just a list of all the entries (31 of them), and second, broken down by category, in case some category may be more interesting to you.

The entries

Here are the 31 entries, in descending order by date.

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Most-viewed ColdFusion blog entries of 2012

As the year comes to a close, many bloggers take a moment to document the most-viewed entries of the year on their blog. In that spirit, here are the top-viewed entries of the year for my blog.

I have more to say about the list (and such lists) below, but for those who like to "get to the point", here's the list:

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Ever find the ColdFusion Server Monitor "start" buttons missing? Just refresh...

Have you ever opened the ColdFusion Enterprise Server monitor, only to find that all the pods on the front page are blank? More specifically, have you noticed that the "start" buttons at the top are not there? See below for an example. The good news is that there's an easy "solution" to get it working correctly again.

This entry discusses the problem and solution.

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Clearing the ColdFusion template cache programmatically

I was asked today how one might clear the template cache ColdFusion template cache programmatically, as opposed to clicking the button in the CF Admin (Caching) page. The good news is that pretty much anything done in the CF Admin can be done programmatically, via the CF Adminapi, since CF 7. And there is in fact an AdminAPI method to clear the template cache. I'll show the code in a moment.

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What's the situation with ColdFusion and Java 7, Java 6 updates, Windows 8, and OS X Mountain Lion?

I see the above questions all the time on lists, forums, twitter, etc., and while I point out the following when I see them, I wanted to share them here as well, in case others have missed them or might find them by searching.

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Give to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, get a chance to win something

The boys at the CFHour podcast, Dave, Scott, and Matt, are running a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If you'll make a donation of any amount to any relief effort devoted to victims of Sandy (like the popular Red Cross texting program), and then let the CFHour guys know about it, you'll be put in a draw to win a copy of CFBuilder 2.

To enter the draw, either or email them at show(at)cfhour(dot)com (the latter was added after the episode, in a reply to a comment on Adam Cameron's blog, where he too is kindly promoting the effort.

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Updates for Dreamweaver, HomeSite, CF Studio for ColdFusion 8, 9, or 10

If you may still be using Dreamweaver or HomeSite+ (or its older brother, HomeSite, or its older uncle, ColdFusion Studio), you may find that the tag insight, tag help, tag completion, and other features are not recognizing newer ColdFusion tags and functions, if perhaps you have updated to later versions of ColdFusion since installing those editors.

Well here's good news, that I find many don't seem to know: you don't need to put up with a lack of support for tags and functions for more recent CF versions!

(If as a reader of this entry, you'd want to make sure people know about still other editor/IDE alternatives, I will address that briefly also before we're through.)

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If ColdFusion or CFML are "dying", then why are there still 12 active conferences covering them?!

Often we hear some assert that CF's dying, whether they mean CF the product or CFML the language. I want to make one contention against that which I don't hear too often at all:

There are an awful lot of currently active conferences covering CF/CFML for such a "dying" product and/or language.

I count 12 annual conferences (for the current year) which cover the topics (CF or CFML) entirely or as a major track, as listed in the category on CFML conferences which I keep updated in my CF411 resource.

Here first are the next several coming up:

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The built-in web server in ColdFusion 10: enabling it, configuring it, reconsidering it

You may have noticed during installation of CF 10 (as with previous releases) that you are offered the option to either connect CF to an external web server if you have one installed (such as Apache or IIS), or you can use an offered "built-in web server" (or what is also sometimes referred to as the internal web server).

That's not really new news, as the same option was offered in CF 6-9. But there are some new things in CF10 to consider about that option, and that's what I'd like to share here.

First, I want to show how if you chose NOT to enable the built-in web server, you CAN enable it after the fact, with just a simple modification to a single xml file (which is a different one in CF10, and I want to show where that is, share some tips on changing it, and point out where to learn more.)

But there are also still more things about the built-in web server that you can control, which you may not readily discern even from the docs, and I provide here additional info with respect to that.

Finally, while in previous releases the built-in web server (which was really the JRun web server) was something generally regarded (even warned in the installer) to be used only for development and testing, the built-in web server in ColdFusion 10 is in fact the Tomcat web server (Coyote), which is a much better web server out of the box, so you may want to consider it even for production.

I realize that last point will be "pushing it" for some. :-) Hey, I'm not saying that you should change anything, just letting you know that some might reconsider things. Hear me out, please. I'm just sharing documented info that might not be so readily found about a relatively new subject for the CF community (so don't shoot the messenger!) I'll point later to other Tomcat references making the same point, such as Myth or truth: One should always use Apache httpd in front of Apache Tomcat to improve performance?.


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CF10 Hidden Gem: New method to obtain ColdFusion instance name via CFML code

One of the many hidden gems in CF10 is that there's a new way to programmatically obtain the current instance name. In CF 6-9, we had to call a method in a JRun class. In CF10, they've added a new method in the Admin API.

The quick answer is that there's a getInstanceName method in the runtime.cfc of the Admin API. And yes, any user can execute this code. They do not need to BE an admin. You can use this in production code. For more, see below.

If that's enough to get you going, have at it. For more info, read on.

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