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Recording posted for my CF Online Summit talk, "Hidden Gems in CF2023"

Last week (Feb 15) I gave the first talk in the annual Adobe ColdFusion Online Summit for CF2024, and the recording of that session has now been posted by the Adobe CF team (as the first of many such recordings to come).

Description and slide deck/PDF

Recording (see also embedded video below)

Sorry that I didn't get a chance to offer a blog post announcing this talk (or the Online Summit). My wife had some rather significant surgery early last week (planned for, and she's ok), which had me quite busy taking care of her and my work. The announcing of this talk slipped between the cracks (but Adobe had announced it and the Online Summit themselves, of course). I have a few more posts to offer that have been delayed.

About the CF Online Summit

The Online Summit is a series of talks over several weeks where Adobe has the presenters from CF Summit 2023 (in Vegas) offer their sessions online for the sake of recording them (and with the chance to update them if needed), at the rate of a couple or a few per week. You can find more about it, including the upcoming agenda of talks and speakers, as well as register here to be notified about it (and get the URL to attend each session) here:


There have already been a couple more sessions since mine. The recordings for all the sessions will be posted over time on that AdobColdFusion youtube channel, where they appear also as a playlist for the CF Online Summit 2024.

Here, finally, is that embedded video player for my session:

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