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Presenting "The Many Capabilities of CF Package Management and cfpm", Thurs Jan 25, Online

Do you feel you understand all there is to know about the CF Package Management feature (and cfpm tool), added by Adobe in CF2021? It has far more capabilities than most may realize.

So I'll be presenting a talk on this topic, online this Thursday, at noon US Eastern, on the CFMeetup youtube livestream (which will be recorded). Folks who are members of the Online ColdFusion Meetup will have already gotten email notification about this, including the meeting URL, but for those who are not members here are the details:

"The Many Capabilities of CF Package Management and cfpm"
Livestream/Recording URL
PDF (link to be offered just before the session)

You may or may not have heard that CF2021 added a new tool called cfpm, the ColdFusion Package Manager. It was introduced in CF2021, and while some are aware that it can help manage the new modular packages-based design of ColdFusion, many are unaware of the many features of this cfpm tool--and how this package management mechanism can be used to their advantage.

In this talk, veteran CF troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will introduce the feature (CF's package-based design and the package manager), including identifying the way it can manage the packages used in a current CF instance as well as in automating creation of new instances. Perhaps most useful, we'll see how the tool offers a mechanism to SCAN your CFML code base to identify what packages you would need. We'll also see how the tool can help with updating CF, as well as managing the update download "repo". And speaking of updates, we'll discuss ways the cfpm/package mechanism has evolved in updates since the release of CF2021 and in CF2023.

As always with the CFMeetup, anyone can attend, viewing it live or afterward via the URL above or the youtube playlist of meetup recordings. You can also register for (indicate interest) or find more details about the event (and the meetup itself) via the CFMeetup events page.

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