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New URL for signing up to the CFML Slack: cfml-slack.net

TLDR; the URL for joining the CFML Slack workspace and channels has changed. If you want to join the CFML Slack, use the form at cfml-slack.net. As some may have noticed, the old URL for joining (cfml-slack.herokuapp.com) no longer works.

Since it's mentioned in many places on the web, I wanted to help spread this news. This cfml-slack.net URL replaces that, while the URL for the CFML Slack channel itself is unchanged: cfml.slack.com.

For more explanation/context, and especially if you may be new to considering the CFML Slack, read on.

Note that the URL for the slack channel itself is cfml.slack.com, while this new one is cfml-slack.net: and that second one is used only to JOIN the Slack (if you aren't "invited" by someone already a member). This news is mostly related to how someone would go about JOINING the CFML Slack if they read about it somewhere, though I share a bit more info and context.

Background: Slack invitation process

As some may know, with Slack one can't "just join" a Slack workspace and its channels but must be invited by a current member (see their docs). Some folks get around this using tools that automate the process of accepting requests/sending invites.

And for several years there had been such a tool implemented at the URL cfml-slack.herokuapp.com. But since the removal of free services at Heroku in late 2022, that URL for joining the CFML Slack has been getting a 404. And there had been discussion within the CFML Slack about options going forward.

The new solution

Here's good news: yesterday, Sean Corfield (who has been kindly helping keep the CFML workspace going for years) stepped up and bought the domain cfml-slack.net, to replace the Heroku one.

That URL redirects ultimately to a "shared invite" form at slack.com. On filling it out, you'll get an email offering a confirmation code. On providing that, you'll be dropped into the web UI for the CFML Slack workspace, showing the many "channels" available.

Getting started with Slack

Note also that whenever you join a Slack workspace for the first time, you will be emailed a Slack welcome note with links to interesting things like an intro to using Slack, how to find and download Slack desktop or mobile apps, and more. And there are of course many other resources (at Slack.com, as well as blog posts, articles, and videos from others) that can help introduce Slack.

I don't want to get into introducing any more about Slack or the CFML workspace and its channels. I just wanted to share the news of the change of this URL to simply "join the club". Explore the many channels of the CFML slack to find topics that may interest you.

I will say though that joining a Slack workspace is indeed very much link joining a club, where there may be norms and expectations to learn and follow. You may want to "lurk" for a while before posting to get a sense of how things work. And notice especially that when you may want to reply to a discussion, there's an important distinction of replying "in a thread" which helps keep things organized.

Some people do indeed "live in" Slack, having it open all day (perhaps for any of many other workspaces they may belong to), keeping up on it constantly, offering their input sometimes immediately. For them, it may be the perfect place to find and share all CFML news and topics or interest.

Other CF/CFML community help resources

Whether you find you love the CFML Slack workspace or not, and indeed if you may find yourself more involved in still other social media alternatives, the great news is that there are in fact MANY alternative social media channels for the CF/CFML community, where you can ask for help, find help, or just keep up on news or discoveries that may be shared.

And FWIW, I list the CFML Slack as well as those other places in a category of for community help resources my CF411 site.

Just as with those social media alternatives in general, different ones will appeal for differing reasons in trying to keep up with the CFML community.

Find your place, and get involved. (And if you find any place that still has the old heroku URL, please see if you can arrange to get it changed to use the new cfml-slack.net one, as I will set about doing right after I post this.)

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