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Presenting "Migrating apps to ColdFusion 2023 from earlier versions" Thurs Dec 14, Online CFMeetup

It's that time of the year...well, I don't mean the holidays: I mean time to talk about migrating to CF2023, which came out several months ago. I'm getting asked more and more about it, as people proceed with making or considering the move--and sorry for the brief notice, but I thought I better get this talk out before the end of the year, and before the holidays.

I will be presenting presented the talk online this Thursday, at noon US Eastern, on the CFMeetup youtube livestream (which will be was recorded). Folks who are members of the Online ColdFusion Meetup will already have gotten notification about this, but for those who are not, here are the details:

"Migrating apps to ColdFusion 2023 from earlier versions"


While CF2023 has been out since May 2023, many orgs may only now be considering moving to it, whether from CF2021 or especially CF2018, CF2016, or CF11. Naturally, folks considering such a migration will wonder how have the latest version might affect affect existing code. But perhaps you're also skipping some CF version/s in your move: what might have changed in those versions (which would have tripped you up then) which would affect you now in moving to CF2023? And what can you do to mitigate such challenges? What tools and resources might help?

In this session, CF troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will share from his experience helping folks make such migrations the past several months (and for years with previous CF versions), whether in his role as an independent consultant or in providing assistance to the CF community. He'll cover things you can consider in advance of the migration as well as things that might help during or after the migration. Most important, this talk will focus on the differences between CF2023 and each of the past few CF versions that you may be migrating from. (Note that he has previously given talks on migrating CF admin settings, that you should consider also.)

As always with the CFMeetup, anyone can attend, viewing it live or afterward on youtube. You can also register (indicate interest) or find more details about the event and about the meetup itself at the CFMeetup event page.

As noted there, all sessions are recorded, with those since 2015 available as a youtube playlist.

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