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I'll be presenting at Adobe CF Summit 2022, and marking some anniversaries

I'm delighted to have been selected again to speak at October's Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2022 conference, which is being held in-person again finally--in Vegas as before. After I share the news of that talk, I want to also note some anniversaries related to this event and my session.

My Summit session topic

It will be a talk I've not presented before:

How the Adobe CF Docker Images Have Evolved

You may (or may not) know that Adobe has offered Docker images for CF since 2018 (initially for cf2018 and cf2016)? But are you aware of how they have evolved? The configurability features built into them have improved in significant ways, especially with cf2021 (which is much smaller, faster) and whose admin settings can be configured via json. In this talk, veteran CF consultant Charlie Arehart will review and demonstrate those feature changes for the CF images, as well as the images for the CF Performance Monitoring Toolkit (PMT) and the CF Enterprise API Manager--all available at Dockerhub since 2021.

As for the conference, you can purchase tickets for the event, starting at just $99 for the two-day in-person pass. For $100 more (currently), you get also the certification prep and exam on the third day.

What about virtual attendance or recordings?

Both are reasonable questions. As I write, there are no indications on the site of a virtual attendance option, and while the sessions of previous years' CF Summits have been recorded, and recording of the virtual events in 2020 and 2021 went great, the attempts to record sessions at the in-person conference in 2019 were not great.

Bottom line, I'm not currently aware of their current plans for either virtual attendance or session recordings. If it's not made available, I would endeavor to offer this session again on the Online CFMeetup in the future.

Anniversary event(s)

For those who hadn't heard, this Summit is in fact the 10th anniversary of the CF Summit, which is great to see. But that's not the only anniversary I'd like to note:
  • It will also mark my 10th straight year presenting to that event, for which I'm so appreciative. As always I really look forward to the event and to presenting
  • The talk will mark one shy of being the 170th CF presentation I've created, and the 290th event (conference, user group meeting, etc.) at which I've presented those
  • FWIW, that back to my first CF talk which was offered at the Maryland CFUG in Feb 1998, so that's just shy of 25 years ago!
  • And yet another anniversary that marks: I reprised that talk a few months later at what would be the first "National CF Conference", held in July 1998, so another 25th anniversary

Talk about various "journeys of a thousand miles" each "beginning with a single step". :-)

For those who can make it to the Summit, hope to see you there!

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