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Presenting tomorrow on comparing CF docker images, at IntotheBox Precon

Just a heads-up to my readers that I'll be giving a talk tomorrow (Thurs, Sep 1 at noon Eastern) on "Comparing and contrasting Docker images from Ortus, Adobe, and Lucee", at the Into the Box "pre-conference" event.

Update 9/1/22: the recording was posted. I'll link to it in the discussion about getting access to those (not free, for now).

The preconference sessions (like the full conference sessions next week) are NOT free, but they ARE available to anyone who signs up for the conference, which is just $99 (until midnight Sep 6) for a virtual pass, giving you access to over 30 sessions on all kinds of content related to CF, CFML, Lucee, and web technology. More in a moment about finding more on those sessions and accessing recordings, which ARE included in that virtual event ticket.

First, as for my talk, it will be:

Comparing and contrasting Docker images from Ortus, Adobe, and Lucee

Most who attend ITB may know about the Ortus Commandbox Docker images for ACF and Lucee, but there are in fact other container images available from Adobe and Lucee directly. How do these all differ? Why might one choose one approach over the other? The Commandbox images may well do "all" that some need, but there are indeed differences to consider including such things as how they perform automated configuration, admin configuration (cfconfig vs cfsetup), monitoring config (with FusionReactor or the CF PMT), as well as such things as CF/Lucee version support, ARM support, and more. (There's also more to ACF container licensing than most may realize.)

Whether you plan to use containers only for development (which is free, even for the ACF images) or in production--and then whether in a CI/CD pipeline or on an orchestration platform like Kubernetes, anyone using containers with CFML should get some value out of this talk, even if it's simply to be able to more completely present differences about the three alternatives should the question arise. While the talk does presume you already understand containers in general (their purpose, how to run them, etc.), we will conclude by talking about several resources that can help those new to deploying CFML on containers specifically.

Pre-con and Conference Sessions, and Recordings

As for other sessions in the precon (which started this past Monday, Aug 29) and the conf next week, you can find all those listed in the "our schedule" page of the ITB site. For the pre-con there are two sessions a day this week, then for the conf next week there are 12 sessions a day (over two tracks), on Sept 7 and 8. You can see on that page the session titles, descriptions, and speakers.

And all the sessions ARE being recorded, both the pre-con sessions this week and the conference sessions next week. They they will be available in coming days/weeks, via the Ortus cfcasts site (which has lots of awesome content, some free though most require membership).

Again, these ITB pre-con and conference session recordings will NOT be free (until perhaps next year, just like the ITB 2021 session recordings are now free). But they can be viewed not only by those with an existing cfcasts membership, but note also that anyone who registers for the conference (even the virtual $99 pass) will be offered a cfcasts membership to view those conference and pre-con recordings, when they are released in coming days or weeks.

Update: Again, the recording was indeed posted just after the talk. But even so, only those who registered and then got (and used) a special email link for early access to the conference recordings will see them now. Full cfcasts subscribers will see them in the near future, it seems. The entire ITB 2022 conference series would be here.

ITB is always a great conference, especially if you can make it live. Then we also have CF Summit coming up in early Oct. I will be presenting (a different talk) there also, and I'll have a post about that soon.

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