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My presentation will open CF DevWeek this week: CF, more modern than most realize

Just thought I'd post a reminder for folks that I am giving the opening session for the 2022 CF Dev Week, running July 18-22. Registration is free, of course.

My session will be at 9a 930a Eastern on Monday July 18:

"ColdFusion: More modern than most realize"

Most IT folks talk about CF only as "legacy technology", but over the years Adobe ColdFusion has evolved--with each release adding modern features that might surprise even seasoned CF coders and admins. In this session, Charlie Arehart looks at recent and past releases to see how CF helps you keep up with modern practices in deployment and coding while getting your job done.

I actually have a slightly longer (and more informative) description at my presentations page. The devweek agenda page had just a few sentences for each talk, so mine above was a truncated version of my original.

Of course, there will be over a dozen sessions throughout the week, from about a dozen speakers. Check out that agenda link above for more, as well as for registration, agenda, etc.


Finally, I will offer have now offered the link to the recording for the presentation there on my presentation page, once Adobe finally announces the release and location of the recordings (which could be weeks after), as they have started trickling them out. Usually they also post them all (when all there) at the CF portal Videos page.

I will also post have also now posted the PDF for the talk just before the session begins (waiting for various reasons). Since my presentations tend to have lots of info on their slides, I hope folks find them valuable whether they attend the session or not.

I could and should have gotten this post out days or weeks ago. I've never been particularly good about getting posts out announcing my talks. I figure that the events do enough announcing, but I suppose there's a slight chance my post here could reach people who didn't know about the event! :-)

Speaking of that, I need to do another post for my talk coming up in early September at Into the Box, where I'll be doing one of THEIR devweek/pre-conference sessions the week before. As always, I'm grateful when selected by speaker committees, and I hope my talks may help many.

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