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Exciting news coming in FusionReactor webinar this Thursday

The FusionReactor folks will offer a webinar this Thurs, Mar 24, at noon US Eastern, "Introducing Distributed tracing and on-prem observability".

I highly recommend that FusionReactor users (and others) register. (Even if you can't attend, you will get access to the recording.) It's about some totally new capabilities:

  • Note that it's about changes coming in both the FR Cloud and in the traditional "on-prem" FR UI. As such, the new capabilities should be very compelling even for those FR users who have not yet bothered to (or for some reason cannot ) use FR Cloud
  • Also, it's about more than what's been made available yet to those beta testing the new "logging" feature in FR Cloud
  • Finally, for those who DO use FR Cloud, there may be discussion of upcoming changes regarding the FR Cloud UI itself

"Haven't I heard about this webinar for months?"

Some may wonder why I feel the need to mention this webinar, because if you're an FR user already, you've probably already heard about it amply. :-) It's been promoted by them for about 3 months, starting first with a Dec 6 blog post. Then they started showing it as a banner, first within FR itself (at least in recent FR versions which allow for such banners), then on the FR web site itself. (I suspect some found those obtrusive, so over time those went away.) And of course they have emailed customers to let them know. :-)

I just fear that some folks may be thinking, "I know what this is about", especially when they may have been trying out the new beta FR Cloud "logging" feature. Or again they may think they don't use FR Cloud so it doesn't apply to them. Both groups may be very surprised and delighted by what's shown.

"Will I really get to see a recording if I register?"

And some may ask, "where do you see that those who register will get access to the recording?" While it's true that this is not mentioned on the blog post above, the emails sent to FR customers do say, "If you can't attend, then register and we will send you the recording."

"What's FusionReactor anyway?"

Perhaps you're seeing this post and are still unfamiliar with FusionReactor, which is a great tool (for monitoring, debugging, profiling, and more) that I've been recommending for 15 years, and as this session shows, it's ever-evolving to meet new needs.

Whether you use ColdFusion or Lucee or any other Java app, and whether you have need of such capabilities in development or production, FR is valuable however you may deploy and run your apps, whether via CommandBox, Docker images, AWS AMI, or via traditional installation. For more, see the site.

Getting help using FR, solving problems

The FR folks can also help you implement and set up FR, of course.

And I can help with that as well, along with helping you understand any aspect of FR's use, which I do about daily with folks as I help them solve performance problems or use FR to better understand what's going on in their environment. See my consulting page for my rates, approach, satisfaction guarantee, and more.

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