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Presenters welcome at the online CF Meetup

This is a call to anyone who may have a CF-oriented presentation: we would welcome you presenting it on the Online ColdFusion Meetup.

[Edit] This post originally had been addressed to speakers at last week's great Adobe CF Summit. Adobe had been unable to arrange streaming or recording of the dozens of presentations. But it turns out that at the same time I was writing it, Adobe was posting that they will be asking Summit presenters to present on webinars they will arrange. As such, I withdraw here my request to host those presentations, as I certainly don't mean to lead to any confusion over things.

Still, I will leave up this post as a general offering to ANY presenters, on of course ANY CF topics. :-) Read on for more.

The online CFMeetup is simply an online user group of sorts, where CF any presentations are welcome to be presented, whether presented before elsewhere or not. Though you might not have heard of it, there's a thirsty audience of CF folks who would love to see your talk. I've run the group for 15 years, and it has over 3000 members and is approaching our 300th session.

A key point is that all the sessions are recorded, as made available via our youtube playlist, so it's a great chance for you to record it for posterity--and perhaps also tweak it if you learned something while (or after) presenting it last week. You can view sessions at recordings.coldfusionmeetup.com.

The sessions have traditionally been run on Thursday's, at either noon or 6pm US Eastern time. Each time slot serves different audiences: some prefer to watch while at work, others can only watch while NOT at work. Each also serves world-wide audiences differently, with those in Europe/Africa/Middle East favoring the noon ET slot, while those in Asia/Pacific may prefer the 6p slot.

I'm happy to work to arrange any week or time that suits you. You can reach out to me by email here, or you can read the "FAQ" I've put together for prospective CFMeetup speakers, if you may prefer to read that first.

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