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I'll be presenting, "Hidden gems in CF2021, a year later", at Adobe CF Summit 2021

Just a heads up, for any who may be interested to hear: I will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021 in December, being held again online this year.

Update: The session recordings were posted at the Adobe CF portal videos page, and the link to my talk is here: https://video.tv.adobe.com/v/339406.

My talk will be a reprisal and update of my traditional "hidden gems" talk, this one focused especially on things that have changed since the initial release of ColdFusion 2021 (and my talk at last year's Summit):

Hidden gems in CF2021, a year later

It's been a year since the release of CF 2021, and also since Charlie Arehart offered his "hidden gems" talk at last year's CF Summit. Perhaps you caught his talk then, or not, and maybe you've started using the release--or still have not. Either way, there've been a number of updates as well as some changes in features since the release. In this updated talk, Charlie helps both audiences consider aspects of ColdFusion 2021 that they may have missed.
Registration at the event is free, via the conference site, and the other couple of dozen sessions (in two tracks) are all listed there now. "See" you there. :-)

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