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Dates announced for all six remaining ColdFusion/CFML conferences, and more Adobe CF Roadshow events

Note: This blog post is from 2017. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Did you know there will again be 6 CF/CFML-related conferences this year? (An update: I should have said "six remaining", as there was also Muracon which happened last month. I've modified the title to be more clear.)

I had posted last month about the upcoming CF/CFML-related conferences and some other events which had BY THEN announced their dates (3 of them). I mentioned the other 3 that would typically happen, and indeed since then, those 3 have also announced their dates. And Adobe has announced still more CF Roadshow events.

So here's all the current detail on all 6 remaining CF/CFML conferences (their name, description, date, location, link, and info on call for speakers).


First up are the upcoming conferences:
  • Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit conference, organized by Adobe (Washington, DC, USA) Apr 18-19 2017 (call for speakers closed)
  • Into the Box conference, "ColdFusion & Java, Redefined", organized by the ColdBox team (Houston, TX, USA) Apr 26-28 2017 (call for speakers closed)
  • cf.Objective() conference (previously "dev.Objective()"), "Developing Apps, Developing Skills, Developing Community", organized by the cfObjective team (Washington, DC, USA) Jul 21-22 2017 (call for speakers closed)
  • NCDevCon, "North Carolina's Premier Web & Mobile Conference", organized by Dan Wilson, et al; Raleigh, NC, USA; Oct 7-8 2017 (update: call for speakers now closed)
  • CFCamp, organized by Michael Hnat, et al (Munich, Germany) Oct 19-20 2017 (call for speakers not open as of this writing)
  • Adobe ColdFusion Summit, organized by Adobe (Las Vegas, NV, USA); Nov 16-17 2017 (Call for speakers open until Apr 21)

FWIW, I'm due to be speaking at the first three for now, the Adobe CF Govt Summit, IntotheBox, and cf.Objective() (update: I got word of acceptance at cf.Obective() on 3/18, two days after posting this), and I've put in for NCDevCon and the CF Summit, and likely will for cfcamp when the call for speakers opens. I'm grateful to have spoken at each of these in years past, most multiple times (and cf.Objective(), CF Summit and CFCamp just last year). I would love to get to do so again this year, and I hope to see you there!

Adobe CF Roadshow events

Second, though not technically a "conference", those close to Vegas, LA, the Bay area, Seattle, and NYC will want to know about April's Adobe CF Roadshow events:

This is the second round of cities after Adobe's February roadshow events. Other locations may be considered for the future. (If you have comments about wanting "your city" added, please don't comment on that here but rather on the Adobe blog post I've just linked to!)

CF events, alive and kicking!

As I noted last month, pretty interesting to see at least 8 CFML-related events like this, when some still say CF and/or CFML are dying. Oh well, we'll all just keep on keepin' on. ;-}

Finally, astute readers may notice that the info above is also what I share in a category of my CF411 site, specifically CFML Conferences. You can keep an eye on that, or the 150+ other categories or resources and tools, throughout the year.

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Charlie - NCDevCon's call for speaker is open now :)

# Posted By Jim | 3/16/17 4:52 PM
Thanks, Jim. I've updated the post to reflect that (and about the state of "call for speakers" for all the others).

I also incorporated an update shared by Gavin Pickin via twitter, that technically there are 7 CF/CFML conferences, counting MuraCon. I had mentioned them in my post last month, but since I was focused here on those yet upcoming, I neglected to mention them. I have clarified things above.
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