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What's new in ColdFusion 10 that's only in Enterprise? or restricted in Standard?

Note: This blog post is from 2012. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
CF10 was released today, and in my blog entry announcing that, I noted that there's been some surprise/concern by many over what aspects of new features in CF10 are held back as Enterprise-only, or restricted in Standard (meaning, has some limitation).

I want to highlight a few of those things, to save folks having to dig around.

You can see for yourself the comparisons in at least a couple of places:

What's new in CF10 but only in Enterprise?

Among the surprises some are finding are that these are held as Enterprise only (or the free Developer edition) and are not available in Standard are:

  • Some (though not all) of the CF10 scheduling improvements (such as listeners, chaining, app-specific tasks, clustering, and exception handling)
  • HTML 5 charting
  • ORM search
  • Dynamic custom fields in Solr my bad, I just read the column wrong. This is not restricted.
  • the data import handler for Solr

I obtained this list by looking at the first page above, noting what was listed as "new" or "enhanced" in the CF10 Enterprise column that was listed as "not available" in the CF10 Standard column. This may NOT be the complete list. We can for now only go on what's shown. There may be more, there may be less.

What's new in CF10 but "restricted" in Standard?

Similarly, some of the things that are "new" (or "enhanced") for CF10 may be available in Standard, but are "restricted" in some way. Typically, this means that the feature is throttled by the "Enterprise Feature Router" or EFR that was introduced in CF8. This change then meant that now such features were no longer limited to CF10 (as those above) but are available in Standard but throttled, so that only one concurrent request at a time can use such a restricted feature. There can be another kind of limit, too. See below.

Again, going by the list on the page above, we see these new or enhanced features are "restricted":

  • MS Office 2010 PowerPoint file generation (new)
  • PDF file conversion from MS Office 2010 Word and MS Office 2010 PowerPoint (new)
  • MS Office 2010 Excel support (new)
  • Support for web socket protocol on server (new)
  • Interface for publish/ subscribe using web socket (new)
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 (new)
  • Microsoft Exchange server integration (enhanced)

Again, I'm basing this on what things were listed as "not available" in the CF9 Standard column, but are listed as "new" or "enhanced" in the CF10 Enterprise column but listed as "restricted" in the CF10 Standard column. (Again, see above for what "resitrcted" means.) That's an imperfect way to judge things, but they didn't choose to list what's "new" or "improved" AND "restricted" in the CF10 Standard column.

Some of the limitations are not what they appear at first

There's been a fair bit of consternation today among some who saw that limit about web sockets being limited. The document there (in the footer) says that "Data can be pushed to no more than five clients on Standard, unlimited on Enterprise".

Here's good news: I've heard directly from the CF team that this limit was lifted to 100 before the final release, but this and other docs have just not yet been updated.

Finally, let me say also about the MS Office features above that although they list them as "new", I think what they're saying is that support specifically for Office 2010 is new. The features to create Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and such files (in older Office formats), such as CFSPREADSHEET or enhancements for Office docs in CFDOCUMENT and CFPRESENTATION were actually introduced in CF9.

Hope that's helpful.

Again, I may have something that will need to be updated. Feel free to leave a comment, and share the news of this list with others to help them learn more about the subject.

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Annoyed to see that HTML 5 charts and ORM search are Enterprise only.

(Although to be honest I probably wouldn't use the charts much - just a nice-to-have!).
The link to the "ColdFusion 10 Feature improvement history" PDF is broken. It should be:
# Posted By James Moberg | 5/18/12 3:25 PM
Hi James, thanks for the observation. Actually, the URL I offered works, too. It's just that the link failed because I was missing an opening " in the a href tag. Fixed that, and it's working again. But your URL works, too, so if someday the one I offer fails, people can see the one you've offered as an alternative. Thanks. :-)
Hi Charlie,

Would you be able to provide some more insight on the comment:

Data can be pushed to no more than 100 clients on Standard, unlimited on Enterprise

Does this mean that when running in standard mode you cannot have more than 100 sessions open to different clients? Or does it mean that you cannot have more than 100 simultaneous requests?

Many thanks,
# Posted By Kaye Ng | 6/4/12 12:25 AM
Kaye, it's not clear from your comment: do you realize that reference to 100 requests is referring to CF10 websocket support only?

I'm only going on what is offered in the docs I link to above, which say in their footer:

""** Data can be pushed to no more than five clients on Standard, unlimited on Enterprise"

And I was clarifying that that limit was raised to 100 just before the final release.

If you may want still more clarification on what that means, exactly, with respect to websocket, I would propose you ask Adobe. The best place may be in one of the websocket blog entries at blogs.coldfusion.com:


If you find an answer and want to offer it here for others, I'd welcome it.
Thanks for the clarification Charlie. I had read the feature matrix incorrectly.
# Posted By Kaye Ng | 6/4/12 6:18 PM
Why is the data import handler for SOLR a Enterprise only feature? It seems like a pretty common feature that people would want to use.
# Posted By Mark Picker | 6/7/12 9:10 PM
I have no answers there, Mark. I'm just the messenger. We could say the same with the new HTML5 charts. Some have asserted that was because of the cost of the underlying zingcharts, but there seems no "cost" factor to the data import handler.

Indeed, another long-held back feature is the CAR file mechanism (to export/import CF Admin settings). No "cost" to Adobe for that, it seems.

Adobe decides what to hold back, for reasons they rarely share.
"I'm just the messenger" Yep sorry Charlie. When I thought about it later I realised I should have been asking Adobe that question.

I was having a bit of a rant day at Adobe yesterday after I saw that yet again NTLM/Digest etc. authentication had been pushed back to the next version due to “Not Enough Time”…..same thing that was said 4 years ago in the bug/feature tracker and again for the version before that. I wonder just how much time that feature needs?

Again sorry and I’ll make sure not to shoot the messenger :)
# Posted By Mark Picker | 6/8/12 8:57 PM
Have anyone noticed the restriction in schedule tasks in CF10?
You can not (once you enter the license key) make a schedule task recurring!!!
If you try you'll get an error saying "This is not available in this edition". I'm using CF 10 Standard edition. Bought the new license to upgrade the Developer edition I had dl:ed, that works (enterprise with IP address limitations), entered the licensce key and WHAM no schedule task could be made recurring "Daily, Monthly or CRON or whatever.
ANy one got a clue or heard of this.
# Posted By Robert | 6/26/12 8:15 AM
@Robert, in the context of this entry, I would say that this behavior you're finding is definitely not supposed to be a limitation of Standard.

I've not heard anyone else report it, but while might reasonably expect that if it were so for all, we'd hear a lot more outcry, we should all keep in mind that only those who have actually bought CF10 Standard and implemented the license key would see this, if in fact it is a generic problem.

I don't have a CF10 Standard key currently myself (I just run the free Dev edition, which acts like Enterprise, as may be so for many other readers), so I also can't even test/confirm things for you.

Either way, I'd think this is something you ought to raise to Adobe as a bug, at https://bugbase.adob... Thanks for sharing it, though. Perhaps others may find it and could add more to the discussion.
Just for your information and for anyone else.
Have had a long discussion with Adobe support about this issues. It took three days talkinging and tweaking to find out that this eventually was a known bug?!?!?!?
What have changed since CF9 which worked superb.
Now for the funny part of it.
As I just bought the software (changed job) they was asked if I were a Platinum member, which I of course am not.
Because if I was they could get me a fix real quick.
As I'm not I will have to wait until end of July 2012 before it hits the market.

This should be considered before thinking of purchasing Adobe products in the future.
# Posted By Robert | 6/28/12 2:26 AM
That is unfortunate to hear, for all of us. Thanks for the update.

But to be clear, are you saying that what you've learned from Adobe is that ALL CF10 Standard customers will find that NO scheduled tasks can be set to recurring? Also, is this just a UI problem?

I wonder if you might get around it then perhaps with CFSCHEDULE? Similarly, what if during the install it imported a scheduled task that was set to recurring? I wonder if it would still "work"? If you could at least try the first option, it may prove to be a useful work-around for you and others. If not, please do let us know. Thanks.
Just to add a little support for what Robert has found.. I've just stumbled upon the same issue...

Trying to create a "Recurring" scheduled task in CF10 (I have a Standard licence) does not work. "One-Time" and "Daily Every" have worked for me but I have not tried "Cron" or "Chained" yet.
# Posted By Brett Payne-Rhodes | 7/3/12 3:43 AM
As far as I am aware this is the issue for all that put a license key into CF10 Standard.
I have also tried CFSCHEDULE and it will not work, not for me anyhow. According to documentation CFSCHEDULE should appear in "Application schedules" in Coldfusion Administrator, but it does not nor will it run. running a job (cfm-file) in a browser works fine as long as the queries or job quits before the standard timeout (which I set to 300 for the moment).

What I'm trying to do next...
Get hold of a licensekey for CF9, which worked well for me before without obsticles, and set everything up again. There goes that weekend, summer an all...

If I get any news (it is very silent from Adobe support) I will post it here.
# Posted By Robert | 7/3/12 3:51 AM
Thanks for the updates, guys.

While there should be some limits for scheduled tasks for CF10, I was not aware that simply having recurring tasks would be one of them. I am sensing there's just a bug here.

As for why "Adobe's been quiet" for you, Robert, note that at least this week, they are in their annual summer shutdown. But perhaps you may get a reply next week.

If anyone may wonder why more hasn't been made of this, I'd propose first that it couldn't be found during the prerelease (by non Adobe testers at least) because we are not given Standard lienses during the beta. And second, as for after the release, it would only be seen by people who a) buy CF 10, b) buy a Standard key, c) implement that key, and d) try to use recurrent scheduled tasks. That could be a relatively small crowd in the early weeks of the release.

But I realize that's only minor consolation when you're among those suffering. Let's hope that someone from Adobe either attends to it, or perhaps sees this and might reply ultimately.
The limit of schedule tasks is that something that is documented anywhere?
Are there more limits that one should know about?

Has anyone tried to use cfschedule to get around this obsticle in CF10?

I have been using CF for more than 10 years and I have not had this problems before.
Seems to me that they are forcing people to buy Enterprise edition and to buy Platinum membership to use this product.
This will only make people go elsewhere and find other products instead.

Anyway, I have decided to step back to CF 9 which I used before without any of above mentioned problems.
I will have to wait for a service window though.

Thanks for your support I will check in here frequently to see if something new shows up.
# Posted By Robert | 7/4/12 1:48 AM
I have the same issue. Setting up CF10 (std) and cannot use the recurring feature. I read somewhere else that this will be fixed in the next update and is a bug because of the underlying code.

As a work around, you can schedule a "daily" by using the "daily every" feature.. for me, I'm entering something like "23 hours" as the interval and start time is when I want it to run daily. Unfortunately, can't do a "weekly" or "monthly" this way :(.
# Posted By Scott | 7/9/12 12:03 PM
As I said earlier in this discussion, if you are a Platinum member you can have the fix within 30 minutes. But as I am not and probably not 99% of the rest of us using Coldfusion, we'll have to wait until end of July.
For the moment I am setting upp my on schedule using Coldfusion and a refresh page. This has the disadvantage of having to increase the timeout for browser but it works so far. Haven't really tested any heavy ones yet though.
# Posted By Robert | 7/10/12 1:07 AM
@Robert, as for your comment from the 4th, I think you may be overstating things. I think this is just a bug, not a conspiracy to force people to buy CF Enterprise or support.

@Scott, good idea on that workaround.

I do still wonder if cfschedule could help. @Robert, you said in an earlier comment that it didn't: "According to documentation CFSCHEDULE should appear in "Application schedules" in Coldfusion Administrator, but it does not nor will it run.".

Are you saying that when you run cfschedule, to create a scheduled task, it does not show up in the CF Admin? At all? That would not make sense. That's the tag's job: to add, delete, or change scheduled tasks.

Then you say "it will not run". Well, do you mean then that it does show up but does not run? Or do you mean perhaps that you ran a template with the tag, and you had it create and then "run" the scheduled task?

Either way, when you say "it will not run", are you getting an error, whether from the template running the cfschedule tag? or from the CF Admin? What's the error? Or is it that you expect the task to do something, but it doesn't do what it should? In that case, do you have the task set to write its output (within the definition of the task)? That could help. Similarly, do you have the CF Admin logging page set to log scheduled tasks? That may give you insight.

All that said, If you are deciding to punt and drop to CF9, that's understandable. I leave this idea then for others to consider who hit this before it's solved by Adobe.
I set up the schedule using action="update" this did not show up in CF Admin at all.

I then created the schedule in CF Admin and try to run it with action="run" with no success.

Now, until further notice from Adobe support, I've changed back to CF9 and when I do it there the schedule shows up with action="update" and will run with action="run".
Also go away with delete action.

I have schedule logs on and in CF10 it reported that the schedule has run (although it is not listed under Application schedules). But there is no outcome (tried to update a dummy table with some entries).
# Posted By Robert | 7/10/12 10:29 AM
Finally, hotfix is out and schedule task problem in CF10 is solved (Ithink). Haven't tested all options yet so but positive so far.
# Posted By Robert | 9/4/12 6:50 AM
What features of Exchange 2010 are restricted in CF 10 ?
”Microsoft Chance Server Integration” is enhanced for the Ent edition and restricted for the Std edition.
What features are restricted here ?
# Posted By Steve | 2/12/15 7:31 AM
@Steve, I explain in the page right there (in the paragraph above the bullet list listing Exchange, among other things that are "restricted"):

"Typically, this means that the feature is throttled by the "Enterprise Feature Router" or EFR that was introduced in CF8. This change then meant that now such features were no longer limited to CF10 (as those above) but are available in Standard but throttled, so that only one concurrent request at a time can use such a restricted feature."

Furthermore, if you visit the link I gave to the CF page where I got the information about how Enterprise and Standard differ, it says specifically:

""Restricted features in ColdFusion Standard Edition: Enterprise features run through the Enterprise Feature Router (EFR). These features run in the Standard edition. However, all features running through the EFR are limited to one shared simultaneous request."
Thanks Charlie
# Posted By Steve | 2/13/15 3:36 PM
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