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Recording of my Adobe eseminar session, "Monitoring ColdFusion with FusionReactor"

Note: This blog post is from 2012. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
After my barrage Friday of four entries on the CF Server Monitor, here's something instead on FusionReactor. Some may know that last week I did a talk on the Adobe ColdFusion eseminar series, "Monitoring ColdFusion with FusionReactor". I got word today that the recording link has been posted.

You can find the recording here. Note that you need to login with an Adobe ID, just like when you download Adobe software or participate in their forums. (I have no control over that.)

Since that link just goes right to the recording, here is the description I'd used for the session, to help decide if the recording may interest you. BTW, I clarify on the session that FR is useful for more than just ColdFusion, in that FusionReactor can be used for Railo, BlueDragon, and OpenBlueDragon, as well as in fact any Java server (Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Glassfish, Websphere, etc.), and the session applies just as well to folks using those.

My session: Monitoring ColdFusion with FusionReactor

Session Description:

If your CF server starts acting up, how do you go about resolving problems? If you're on ColdFusion 8 or 9 Enterprise, you may know that you have a built-in ColdFusion Server Monitor. Did you know there is an alternative tool that supplements it well? FusionReactor is a commercial third-party tool, which can monitor not only any version of CF (6, 7, 8 or 9, whether Standard or Enterprise) but also Livecycle and any other Java web application or server in your environment.

Such monitoring is about more than "watching a screen". You can arrange to receive email alerts with valuable information (sort of a black box recording before a crash), and FusionReactor also creates really valuable logs that can also help with post-mortem analysis. They can also assist with deciding on CF server configuration settings, watch trends for hardware upgrades, and more. And as of FusionReactor 4, these logs now track information that previous only the CF Server Monitor displayed (but didn't log at all). Finally, an additional tool, FusionAnalytics, can help analyze and visualize that data over minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and so on.

In this 50-minute session, veteran CF troubleshooter and independent consultant Charlie Arehart will introduce and demonstrate these and other key features of FusionReactor (including stack tracing and crash protection), and will end with a brief demo of FusionAnaytics.

See also what other Adobe ColdFusion talks are coming, or recordings of past talks

In fact, you can see that description posted now as one of what they call "on demand" esminars, which are simply a list of all the CF eseminars that have been recorded.

Note that you can change the filter on the right to see eseminars for still other Adobe products. (Sadly, there's no way I can give a link directly to my preso on that page, or I'd have done that and not offered the description above. And while today it's the first in the list, in time that will no longer be the case.)

Similarly, you can find out all upcoming CF Adobe esminars, or use the same filter feature there to see those for other products.

Session feedback welcomed

Finally, I'd welcome feedback from anyone who did or does view the talk I gave. They offer no such mechanism. Comments here are fine, and I don't mean only any favorable ones. :-)

PS If anyone wonders why I've taken to using the #coldfusion hashtag in my blog entry titles, it's simply that many of the CF blog aggregating tools out there are now retweet what gets posted, and so by using the tag here, it increases the chance that CFers may notice the new entry if watching for that hashtag, even if they don't watch for blog entries from a specific person. It may look a little uglier, but I hope it's helpful for all concerned in the long run.

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A standout amongst the most cumbersome things I recall about the old FusionReactor was setting up database monitoring. You needed to copy over a JAR, change the data source, etc, if I remember right. Presently it just works.
# Posted By uk | 11/14/18 1:51 AM
UK, yep. Things are indeed much easier the past few years. Pretty much plug and play. If any challenges, I can help folks with both installing, configuring, using, and solving problems using FR.
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