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Resources for getting into cloud computing

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Interested in getting into cloud computing? Check out this blog entry with a compendium of links to other resources on the topic:


By cloud computing, most think of Amazon EC2 and S3, but there really are more options, as shown in one resource listed on that entry.

I should note I didn't create that list. Someone else did. I don't generally do an entry just pointing to that of another (we often see way too many dupes in the CF blogosphere that way), but in this case it's a non-CF blog and therefore many readers here may not see it otherwise.

Also, some will know that I do like to do such resource lists myself, whether as blog entries of that sort, or as resources lists offered on my site, so I really appreciate this blogger's efforts here.

Hope that may help someone interested in the topic of cloud computing. (And yes, if someone would ask if this might be a good topic for the Online ColdFusion Meetup, it would be, and we've had a few sessions on the topic. You can find them either by doing a search for "amazon" on the UGTV site (which has more than just Meetup recordings, of course) or by scanning the list of all previous CF meetup recordings.

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charlie, i read highscalibility religiously. it is a great resource for architecture and scaling. todd does the heavy reading of google/ebay/facebook/amazon/flickr/twitter/etc publications that explain how they overcame obstacles as their apps grow at astronomical rates. it is always a great read for how to do things in ways that are more efficient.
# Posted By shag | 8/27/08 9:48 PM
Do you know what the licensing implications are with cold fusion, specifically enterprise, for cloud computing?

The current license seems to be geared for one physical box and this has been keeping me from exploring the area further.

I haven't seen this topic addressed much and I know this is more Adobe than you but any thoughts would be appreciated.
Doug, there have been discussions, including various changes in 8, then 8.01:


You don't say whether you're on that or 7, which could be more of a challenge. According to those entries, there are also differences in Std and Ent, but you say you're on Ent, so that may be better for you. It also seems to matter whether the deployment is on a server that's running or not.

You can see from comments on those blog entries that some have raised interesting questions about how to calculate the licensing cost on a running cloud server when you have no real idea what it's physical implementation is.

I'll agree, there aren't clear answer in those (as of today) for all concerns. As you say, Adobe has to give the final word.

Here are blog entries from Adobe folks where they at least mention the issue, if not always directly address it. These would be a good place for one to press for a definitive answer:


I've not, because I'm not yet trying to use CF in a cloud environment. I was just offering the entry for those that may.

Finally, I'll point out that one could always look at the open source options, BlueDragon, Railo, and Smith, which I don't think would have any limitations for use in a cloud environment. Given Adobe's friendly relationship with Railo, I wouldn't be surprised if an underlying conclusion may be that folks wanting to use CFML in the cloud would find Railo to be the best first step, at least until something more definitive comes from Adobe.

All just speculation on my part, though. Again, check out the above for places where this is discussed more seriously. (And if anyone ever finds this entry in the future and learns of more updated discussions, feel free to post links here.)
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