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What a busy couple of months: conference season and more

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Some may have noticed that I've not been writing here as much in the past couple of months. For one thing, it's been conference season! Like a couple other folks, I've spoken at each of these in the last dozen+ weeks:

What a blast, and of course it's an honor to be invited. I've not written much about them because, well, I don't know what I could add that hasn't been said by many other bloggers who attended each! :-)

Unfortunately, the schedule precluded me giving any thought to attending (or proposing to speak at) WebDU (spoke there last year) or SpringBR. And sadly I had to miss the Adobe Community Summit.

As if those events (and the commensurate travel) weren't enough of a draw on time, in the weeks since the first event in mid-March I've also:

  • squeezed in teaching 6 classes
  • written 2 tips columns and a feature article for 2 editions of the FAQU
  • organized nearly a dozen ColdFusion Meetups
  • attended an invitation-only Microsoft Tech Summit (for a couple dozen folks they picked from competing communities to talk and listen to)
  • spent a week in Germany with the fine folks at Intergral (makers of FusionDebug, FusionReactor, FusionAnalytics, and with whom I also do some consulting)
  • and provided my consulting services to many folks in what little time remained!

Fortunately, the nature of my consulting is different than most: I focus on helping people solve problems (rather than build or architect apps), so they generally need me only sporadically and for short spurts of time. We've been able to fit them in nicely in the time in between, but I've got some who've been patiently awaiting the end of what some called "the conference silly season".

I had also started my series on the tools/resource list, but after part 10 got just too bogged down. I plan to pick that up again very soon.

Just wanted to offer a bit of explanation on the relative quiet the past couple of months.

I have some other really exciting things planned and in the works which I'll be sharing in coming weeks and months. Some are new resources, some new services, and some new tools. All dedicated to helping the community. It's exciting times!

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I think (and hope) that we all really appreciative of all the things you do for the community even when you are quiet ;) On that note, I think it was really great for you to hook Steven up with a ticket for CFUNITED. It was great to meet him and I think it was awesome to see some young-blood at the event. The ways in which you promote ColdFusion are always appreciated.
Thanks for that, Ben, and you know how much I appreciate all you do, too, so that's high praise coming from you.

As for the comment on Steven, you know, that's another place where I dropped the ball. When things didn't work out to get him introduced during the keynote, I should have blogged about him, but didn't think of it until the last day. I know his parents took a picture of us overlooking the exhibit area. When I get that I'll post an entry introducing him to folks. Thanks for the reminder, and the kind words.
Don't worry about it. I got to sit down with him for a while, even got a good picture. Hope he comes back next year.
Oh right, sure, and I saw that. Cool to see. I just meant I'd like to explain his presence more to people who may be curious, and I think having the picture with his dad would help alleviate any who might wonder, "what was Charlie doing with this 13 year old?" It's sad that we live in a world like that, but we do. His dad and I are friends of nearly 30 years. I'll explain more about how Steven came to attending in a later entry.
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