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Tools and Resources for CFers, Part 5: Bug/Defect Tracking Tools

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
I wanted to offer a quick second posting today of the next in my series of blogging categories from my list of over 700 tools and resources of interest to CFers, broken into more than 100 categories. To see the list of all categories, see Part 1 of this series.

Returning to the tools section, and continuing in alphabetical order, the next category is Bug/Defect Tracking Tools.

Bug/Defect Tracking Tools

I've split this list into those written in CFML, and the rest, both open source and commercial.

Written in CFML
Written in other than CFML (some downloadable, others as services; some open source, others commercial)


This tools/resources list is a perpetual work in progress. I definitely welcome additions or corrections to it. If you have any to offer, you can leave them here as a comment on this blog entry and I'll move them to the list on my site.

BTW, before you offer an update here, please do check the category on the real list. I won't be coming back here to update these blog entries to sync them if I add new items to the real list.

About this series

This entry is part of an ongoing series, sharing each of the 100+ categories and the tools and resources I (and others) have identified. They're designed to answer the questions we hear, like , "does anyone know of tools or resources to help with ...?"

Someone may ask why I'm blogging each of these categories, when they're available online anyway. It's just that, through aggregation and feeds, blogs present a way to reach a wider (and new) audience who may not otherwise come across the list of tools and resources. This also widens the pool of eyes for possible updates to the list. I want it to be as accurate and up to date as possible. I may in the future offer an RSS feed of any updates made to the list.

Otherwise, I hope people will get great value out of the lists, here or on the tools and resources page.

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Lighthouse pro looks pretty cool ... I have been wanting to try it out ever since I saw a demo from Raymond (although I like the sound of "Ray" better, he doesn't agree : ) ) ... nice list of tools ...
Thanks, Edward, or is that Ed? :-) So, Ray doesn't seem to mind people calling him that in person, but in written (and online) communications he does prefer Raymond. I've asked him about it before, and it's just a preference. :-)

Anyone old enough to remember the old Natural Light beer commercials from the 70's, that had the catch phrase: "you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay..."? :-) You can see it at http://www.youtube.c...
Hmm ... I think I heard him say on one of his preso's ... that he likes Raymond better ... you could be right about it just being a preference though ... that would be a drag since I made a concerted effort to correct my references to his name ...


: )
very useful list, thank you. I suggest you add BugWiki (https://www.bugwiki....), the simplest bug tracker i ever used.
# Posted By Philip K. | 5/22/08 4:04 AM
Thanks, Phillip. I've added it to the list. Looks like a simple solution, which should appeal to some.
Is it just me or is Philip K. a BugWiki employee. I have been researching some bug tracking tools recently and everywhere I see, there are some recent comments about how good bugwiki is (twitter, some bug tracker comparisons etc). I look at bugwiki and it's no better than scribbling down stuff in a spreadsheet. I am not saying it's bad (everything has it's uses), but persistent comments stating how great bugwiki is, is pretty darn suspicious. Especially on a post that is a nearly a year old?
# Posted By I'd rather not | 6/2/08 4:09 PM
@"i'd rather not", I hear you, and while I might be just as suspicious, in this case the goal of my list is to show as many as can be found, so I didn't mind adding it.

That said, I can understand someone in a role of a supporter (or even employee) finding all places where their favored product is mentioned to add more, or to mention where it isn't and perhaps it should be (as was in this case).

Plus, in this case at least, he didn't say it was good, just that it was simple. :-) So I'll cut him more slack.

Just to be clear, though, when you say you are surprised to see him commenting "on an a post that is nearly a year old", I'll assume you're not referring to this one, which is just a month old. Maybe you meant one of the others you've seen him write on. No worries.
Shameless plug but another addition to your bug tracking tools list,

fixx, available from http://hedgehoglab.c...
Thanks. I've added that.
By the way gemini has its own website now http://www.geminipla...
# Posted By tom | 11/24/11 8:38 AM
Thanks, Tom. I'll let that comment stand there to direct others to the new site (though, as I'm sure you know, the old countersoft site points to the new one as well.)

But I have changed the URL in the place where the list of bug tracking solutions above (and hundreds of categories like it) is updated and maintained permanently (by me). Here's the big tracking link:
Having a bug tracking system is extremely valuable in software development, and they are used extensively by companies developing software products. And you have explained the topic very well in this post. The content has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info.
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