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My latest Adobe Devnet article on CF8 monitoring: Part 3 and 4 now posted

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Parts 3 and 4 of my 4-part series on the CF8 Server Monitor are now posted on the Adobe DevNet site. Part 3 was posted several weeks ago, but with the holidays, etc. I just failed to get word out. Part 4 was posted yesterday.

If you've not taken a look at these, you may be missing out. There are some misconceptions about the monitor, and also I think most don't realize that it can do much more than they may suspect. There's precious little documentation (and discussion) about it, so you may find things here you won't find anywhere else.

The third and fourth parts, specifically, have the following sections:

Part 3

  • Automated monitoring and request management with Alerts
  • Substantial diagnostic details with Snapshots

Part 4

  • An enterprise dashboard with the Multiserver Monitor
  • Programmatic Monitoring with the Admin API
  • Tweaking the Monitor in the Settings section
  • Miscellaneous aspects of the Monitor

Sure, I've just written about FusionReactor yesterday, and will write still more about the new release. I don't see it incompatible to help people make the most of whatever tool they may use. I've written previously also about SeeFusion. Indeed, I've written previously that that each has their place, even in the face of CF8's server monitor.

I'd like to hear from readers

The DevCenter articles offer a feedback link, but so far I've not gotten any (and they say they will forward any they get). I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has read the articles. I really feel that they go way beyond what's available in the docs and help, to bring together information and concepts you might otherwise miss. Has it helped you at all?

Finally, do you ever wonder why some call this area of the Adobe site "DevNet", "DevCenter", and/or some the "Developer Connection"? Well, the URL has devnet in it, but the breadcrumb bar at the top of my articles shows "Home > Developer Connection > ColdFusion Developer Center". Go figure. :-)

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On CF 8,0,0,176276, w/ IIS6 & Java 1.6, I was able to enter a path like this just fine for the alert processing CFC:


The d:\wwwroot\exe\ is accessible to ColdFusion, but not "browse-able". Could that be the key?

# Posted By Fred Wenger | 1/23/08 11:43 AM
For those wondering, Fred's referring to something in the Part 3 article.

Fred, I have to admit that I find now I have no problem running it either, and indeed from an otherwise browsable docroot, FWIW. I'd like to find what I did that led me to believe it didn't work, so that with an accurate understanding I could get the article changed.

Any thoughts otherwise on the article, or the series, from you or any readers? Has it been helpful? confusing? boring? exciting? :-) We writers often get previous little feedback, so my blog is a unique chance for me to press folks to speak up.
Moving to 8 Enterprise within the next month and am ECSTATIC about the new server monitoring. I'm sure this series will be my Server Monitoring in ColdFusion 8 Bible. Looking forward to reading/working through them.
# Posted By David McGuigan | 2/5/08 3:55 AM
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