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My new Adobe DevNet articles on the CF8 Monitor

Note: This blog post is from 2007. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
If you'd not seen it, there are a slew of new CF8 articles on the Adobe CF Developer Center, including one I've done that's the first of a 4-part series on the CF8 monitor. The first both introduces the monitor and focuses on its uses first in development:

ColdFusion 8 server monitoring - Part 1: Using the Server Monitor in development

It's 8 pages printed, so lots of info there. I hope you'll get value from it. Since there's no feedback mechanism there, I'd appreciate if you'd share comments here of what you think of it. We writers get precious little feedback on our work, most times.

For now, it's even listed as a front-page article on the CF8 Dev Center. (FWIW, note that the URLs say "devnet" while the site itself uses the phrase "Developer Center".)

Future articles in my CF8 Monitor series will focus on using the monitor in production, then using the multi-server monitor, alerts, and snapshots, and finally several miscellaneous features and tips in part 4.

I should say finally, since many know I've talked a lot about FusionReactor and SeeFusion in the past, that, no, I don't think the CF8 monitor is a death knell for those tools (nor do I think the CF8 debugger will kill off FusionDebug). There's a place for both (especially if you're not yet on 8, and even afterwards possibly), and since the monitor is only in CF8 Enterprise, that especially keeps the other monitors in the running. I've written a more complete discussion of my perspective on these things:

Scorpio Debugger and Monitor: What's it mean for FusionDebug, FusionReactor, and SeeFusion?

Now, about it being in Enterprise, that's something I couldn't say in either my past entries or even in the current article on the DevCenter, as those were all written before the final release of CF8. I'm sorry if they read as if everyone using CF8 could use them. I really had no way to say otherwise.

That said, with the CF8 monitor being free in CF8, and especially with it giving us access to some awesome new info (which even the other monitors could now provide access to), it's worth learning what's possible. There's a lot more to it than you may think.

See the other entries I've done on the monitor. Some of them have info I couldn't fit into the DevCenter articles, or that may not be published for a few weeks.

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Charlie, maybe you could do a blog posting on what Adobe means by "Enterprise feature that runs through the Enterprise Feature Router (EFR). These features will run in the Standard
Edition. However, all features running through the EFR will be limited to one shared simultaneous request."
(this text found in the schedule in this pdf: http://www.adobe.com...)

I am having trouble dealing with understanding my options for upgrading. Is this EFR new? And what is considered "one simultaneous request" when it comes to a gateway?

Sorry for coming to you with this... I figured I would ask the smartest person I know!
Thanks, Leif, and perhaps I will take that up, but for now I'd just as soon point you to where it's been discussed already. A good ol' google search finds at least this, for now:


(The value is in the comments. Just search for EFR on that page, including a reply from Jason Delmore of Adobe.)

Before I'd post about it, I'd want to make sure I understood it rather completely. There does seem to be some potential for misunderstanding so I'd want to be sure I had it all right.
Wow, Charlie. That *is* a very interesting thread. Thanks for pointing me there.
I installed CF8 today and when I hit the server monitor tab, I get this error:

"Flash remoting should be enabled to run either of Server Monitor or Multiserver Monitor."

So I followed the instructions on this page:

And still no dice. I can't seem to get the server monitor going. Any ideas what is wrong?
# Posted By Matt | 8/20/07 8:19 PM
Well, Matt, I'd not seen that one before, but doing a little googling (flash remoting "server monitor") I find this:


So are you running CF via an external web server (IIS, Apache) or the one built-into CF? If so, what port? That note's suggesting a possible issue running on other than port 80.

What happens when you do http://localhost:{yourPort}/flashservices/gateway

It should be blank, if not, check out more info on diagnosing that and configuring remoting for JRun, as discussed at:


I've not had to do this before myself, and I've run CF in both the standalone and multiinstance mode, and used the monitor no problem. I don't know if what the person above asserts is correct, or whether the info in those technotes is appropriate for your challenge.

If that's not it, please clarify what form of deployment you've chosen (server, multi-server, or J2EE), as well as what OS, and what web server (and port) you're using.

I mean, I'm not Adobe support, and you can't even expect that someone from there will see this and respond, but I 'll help if I can. Please let us know if any of the above helped, and if so, what you had to do.
Ah, thanks for the links Charlie. It turns out for some reason flash remoting was turned off under the Flex Integration tab by default. Turning that on made it all work. Thanks again!
# Posted By Matt | 8/20/07 9:53 PM
Why would I be unable to login to the Performance Monitor over SSL?
# Posted By Mark | 2/14/08 10:26 PM
Mark, you say "Performance Monitor" (which is the name of a Windows-based monitor tool), but I assume you mean the CF8 Server Monitor that my articles are discussing, right?

I'm not aware of an SSL issue (not saying there may not be one). So let's confirm exactly what you mean: I assume you login to the CF Admin (and that works over SSL for you), and you click the link in there to the Server Monitor, and that opens the Flash-based monitor page with a login popup. Is that right?

Is it that you never see the Flash-based monitor page? The login popup? Or you fill it in and it fails to work?

Can you remove SSL from the picture? What if you get on the server where CF's installed, and you open the monitor there, without SSL (if you can). Does that work? It would be a shame if it's not SSL at all that was keeping you from logging in. :-)

Maybe someone else with specific experience of the monitor over SSL would have more to say. (They may not see your question right away. Could be days, if ever.) If we don't resolve it here, I'll recommend you then take the question the Adobe forums, where Adobe engineers (or more monitor users) may offer better insight.

Just trying to help you through this. I'll look forward to your reply.
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