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Come read over 70 CFEclipse bloggers - Part 2

Note: This blog post is from 2007. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Here are 29 more bloggers who have written about CFEclipse. These folks (no slouches, several having 14 or more entries) simply have not yet (at the time of this writing) chosen to provide a CFEclipse-specific tag or category. I hope they may reconsider, to make it easier for folks to keep an eye on their valuable CFE contributions.

In my last entry, I offered part 1 of a 2-part entry on CFEclipse bloggers (bloggers who have written about CFEclipse). In that list, I showed only those (45) bloggers who have dedicated a specific category or tag to CFEclipse (or Eclipse, if an otherwise CF-oriented blog).

Again, the list is sorted in approximately descending order by number of entries I found they had done on CFEclipse (as of today). And as I said before, while many of the entries are just news (like announcing a new release, etc.), some are useful tips from a wide range of developers (and the typical arguments for and against CFE).

How did I find the bloggers and their CFE content?

To find these entries, and those in part 1, I did a google search on CFEclipse and browsed through the first few hundred entries to find any bloggers who had done something on CFE. If they had at least one meaningful entry, I added them to the list (and put them in the list in part 1 if they offered a CFE category).

I then also ran the 2 lists by Mark Drew to ask him if he thought I'd forgotten anyone. Fortunately, I had not.

How I got a URL for you to find their content, easily

Just as the bloggers in part 1 offered CFE-specific categories (and therefore a single URL to find their CFE content), I wanted to provide a way for you here also to just click a link and go right to these folks' CFE-specific content. How did I do that?

Most blogs offer a search box, so I tried searching there, and if that resulted in a URL holding the search criteria, I offer it here in the list of URLS below. (In the case of BlogCFC, though it doesn't show the search criteria in the URL by default, you can add it in by hand as &search=cfeclipse, which I've done below.)

Otherwise, for other blogs where I could get no URL to use for searching, I resorted to using Google's nifty "site search" feature to search their blog for any CFEclipse references (and I further added some criteria to find only their blog entries, not RSS feeds, etc, to keep things even with the list in part 1). The only negative with this is that it could find entries where there are simply COMMENTs that mention CFEclipse. That's no good, so I have only shown the number that correlates to the number found by their site search tool. (BTW, note that some of the blogs themselves use google site searching as their means to do search.)

On some sites where there was no search result URL I could offer, I could also find no CFE blog entries with such a Google site search (though the search feature on their site did indeed find some CFE entries). In that case, you'll simply have to search the site yourself to find these entries.

Conversely, some other sites showed far fewer results in their own site search than I found using Google's site search. So I show the Google Search link even if their own site search URL would have found their CFE content.

Finally, since the Google and even some site searches take you to a page where it's not easy to discern the URL for the blogger's site, I am offering their blog URL and then the link to do the search:

The list of CFE bloggers (who have no CFE category/tag)

As I said, I'd love to see those bloggers (especially with a lot or substantial CFE content) offer a CFEclipse-specific category or tag. If you want to press those folks to do so, that could be helpful to us all.

Finally, again, I realize that these are not complete lists. I did quite a bit of work to gather them up, but I'm sure I could have left out some great contributors. Please do add any you'd like as comments here.

Hope the above is helpful to all interested in CFE.

Update: On first posting this, I found out that my use of Google to search sites was finding entries where people had merely commented on CFEclipse in a person's blog, among some other issues. That's no good.

Better, though, I learned that for those sites using BlogCFC, I could indeed force it to use search criteria in the URL, so I've revised the list and the rankings since first publication earlier today.

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Charlie, I've udpated the blog entries to associate them with the cfeclipse category! Thanks for the heads up.
Same here.
Got it guys, and update. Thanks.

Hey, while I have your attention (and that of any of the other bloggers named here), I'd welcome you spreading the word on your sites about these blog entries, to help spread the word on useful CFE resources.

I also welcome the chance for more people to learn about my blog. I think sometimes people assume "everyone knows about Charlie's blog", but it's really just over a year old, so any help appreciated.
Would be nice to see an RSS aggregator pick this up ala MXNA Smart Categories. But short of that an MXNA search term RSS feed on "CFEclipse":

# Posted By Matthew Lesko | 7/11/07 5:53 AM
Just to be clear, Matthew, in part 1 I did indeed offer an aggregator (as well as an opml file) for all those blogs (in that list) who offered a CFEclipse category (and RSS feed per that category).

I didn't think to propose an RSS based on searching for the word among all blogs. It's a good idea, with the caveat that it would find new entries from the part 1 list as well.

In fact, I'll point out that besides the MXNA-based one you've offered, one could also use google alerts (http://www.google.co...) to report any blog entries that mention CFEclipse.

In fact, I just created one such alert myself based on your reminding me of this possibility. (I realize the MXNA one will limit its search to only selected blogs, but in the case of a term as unique as CFEclipse it seems better to cast as wide a net as possible.)

Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry didn't read all the way to the end of #1.
# Posted By Matthew Lesko | 7/11/07 11:11 AM
You know, I feared that Matthew (that people would miss the section on the OPML file and aggregator), as I wrote it. I even thought about segregating it into its own part 3. But then I feared some would miss me say that and would ask, "where's the OPML file?" Damned if I do, damned if I don't. :-)

I compromised by adding a comment at the top of the entry saying that I'd offer the OPML and aggregator later in the post.

Realizing that people *still* tend to scan the page rather than read text :-) , I then made a clear section head for that after the list. (Again, this is all referring to the part 1, not this part 2 where Matthew has commented.)

Sadly, it's just still too easy for people to miss if they just read too quickly. I do what I can. :-)

Still, your mention of an RSS feed for those in this list above which don't have CFE categories was still very much worthwhile, so I'm glad this came up.
I added a cfeclipse category and marked those entries. Most of my posts are several years old though :-/

Thanks for pointing that out Charlie.
# Posted By rob | 7/11/07 11:54 AM
Thanks, Rob. I've moved you over.

As for some of your entries being "old" (as are many of the other bloggers), that doesn't bother me a bit. Look, some of you pioneers blazed a trail and learned things along the way perhaps years ago which we, following along later, may still benefit from. Of course, sometimes the old entries may be superseded by newer info or features, but still, a discerning reader may get great value from the bits of gold that fell off your wagon on your way. :-)

That's why I created the resource, both to find what's been said in the past and highlight whatever CFE fans (or foes) may say in the future. We're all at different places on the road there. I'm just trying to act as a bit of a tour guide for those just starting to make the journey (like myself). More about that in a future blog entry. :-)
Thanks for the list.
Great resource! Alot of work to compile such a long list. Kudos to you.
# Posted By Bahamut | 5/31/08 7:49 PM
Sheez, where did you find the time to do all that work just so we could benefit? Thank you for that. I can't believe you would really go through that much effort, but it shows that you're definitely passionate about all of this and CFEclipse!
Wonderful resource – will be visiting all those blogs and reading part one (I've only come to part two.) Will have to do it tonight when I have some time.
# Posted By shopping | 6/5/08 8:40 AM
@shopping, thanks for the kind regards. I've done it over the years (though I've spent a good bit of time expanding it especially in recent months), but it's to help others answer common questions (and as a reference for myself, I'll admit!)

thanxs for the list. is there an rss feed available for this?
# Posted By SAM | 7/12/08 5:00 AM
Yes, Sam. I mentioned it in the Part 1 of this article. The feed is at:


I also offered an OPML file for any who were interested. Part 1 is at:

Thanxs chartie, went through the part 1 . gained more useful info. thanxs again
# Posted By sam | 7/18/08 8:26 AM
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