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Come read over 70 CFEclipse bloggers - Part 1

Note: This blog post is from 2007. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
If you had to guess how many people have blogged about CFEclipse, what would you guess? During my process of evaluating the current state of CFE resources (see my other recent entries in the CFEclipse category), I started to take note of those blogs that have CFE categories/tags.

I've found more than 70 of them and I want to point them out for you (those that had at least one useful entry). More than just list them, I also have provided an OPML file and even a CFE-specific aggregator for those who don't use one on their own.

Now, I've decided to split this entry into 2 parts. First, I list below those 51 who offer a specific CFEclipse category or tag (as well as offer the info to help you with aggregating them together).

In part 2, I'll list those who do not (at the time of this writing) offer a CFE-specific category or tag. Their content is indeed still valuable, just a little harder to stay on top of (and I'd love to see them added to this list if they would add a CFE category and assign it to all their past entries).

About the listing

The list is sorted in approximately descending order by number of entries (as of today). Note that it's possible a blogger may have a great tip but failed to mark under a CFEclipse category. They may also have listed CFE tips under an eclipse category, but I didn't think to consider that until later in my research, so while I have a couple of those below, I haven't gone back to consider that for those I did not list here.

While many of the entries are just news (like announcing a new release, etc.), some are useful tips from a wide range of developers. There are also the expected arguments for and against CFE (though those against tend to be older entries).

As I said before, this is all part of some work I'm doing to help developers get the most out of CFE, which I'll announce in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the entries found here.

The list of CFEclipse category feeds

I did quite a bit of work to gather them up, but I'm sure I could have left out some great contributors. Please do add any you'd like as comments here. Again, in part 2, I list those bloggers with CFE content but no CFE-specific tag or category.

Are you or a favorite not on the list?

Again, if you expect to be on this list and are not (or think someone should be), first let me ask you: does the blog have a CFEclipse-specific category (or an Eclipse category, on a blog devoted otherwise substantially to CF)? If so, I'm happy to add it. Just drop me a comment below.

And yes, I do hope that Mark will add this info to his wiki, but I have started the process by placing it here because I wanted to start the ranking by number of entries, something that won't be possible to reasonably keep updated in the wiki (but it's the sort of info not expected to be kept updated in a blog entry).

Tracking new entries: an aggregator and an OPML file

While you can just go browsing the bloggers, I've also done a few things to make it even easier for you to keep up on new entries from all these bloggers at once, whether you use aggregators or not.

First, I provide the URL for each blogger's RSS feed for their CFE category, if they have one, so you can add any of interest to any feed aggregator you have.

Further, I've provided here an OPML file listing all the RSS URLs (again, just for the CFE-specific categories). You can use that to import all the URLs into a favorite aggregator.

If you don't have an aggregator, here is a web-based aggregator of just these CFE-based feeds:

Browse and Search CFE entries

Finally, if your aggregator doesn't accept an OPML file, you can use the RSS feed from the aggregator I created:

RSS feed of new CFE entries

Hope the above is helpful to all interested in CFE. Look for part 2 (bloggers with CFE entries but no CFE category/tag) in a moment.

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Who is this Mark Drew chcaracter and why does he have so much to say about CFEclipse?
I'm not sure how to react on learning that I'm the second most prolific blogger on CFEclipse...

Great work Charlie - it must have taken you many, many hours and this is a great resource for the community! Thank you!!
Took me a moment to realize that you were offering a new CFEclipse-based blog there (almost deleted it as blogspam).

I hope folks will please offer just a little more explanation if they "drop off" any more new ones in the future. :-)

I'll add yours to the list (and the OPML and aggregator), Tom.
Thanks Charlie, both for making the list, and including my blog!
I have a few posts on CFE on my (infrequently updated) blog:

Category link: http://www.danlance....

RSS: http://www.danlance....

Drew I know I'm boring but I have a CFEclipse category on my blog, I should post more about it cause I love using it.
Dan and John, I've added your links in the list above, and Dan I've added your RSS feed to the OMPL file and blogdigger aggregator as well.

John, you address your note to "Drew". Did you mean Mark, perhaps? Or me (Charlie)? or something else? :-)
Sorry was ment for you.
The list of CFEclipse category feeds, it's really very good.
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