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Finding or offering ColdFusion jobs: over a dozen resources

Note: This blog post is from 2007. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
[This is a 2007 post which seems to come up often in google searches for folks. I would point out that I have a more recent recent post with more and updated thoughts on the topic, written in 2017. See Looking for CF people, or CF work? What can you do?]

With the recent uptick in the economy, I hear increasing interest from companies looking to find CF help, or people looking for new opportunities (jobs or contracts). As such, I find myself pointing out where to offer or find such jobs. After a couple, I've decided to make it a blog entry. Of course, this isn't the be-all end-all list. Feel free to recommend alternatives in the comments.

I'm going to focus only on CF-specific resources, so I won't list generic job sits like monster or careerbuilder, not consulting sites like Dice, etc. There are just too many to bother with. Just know those are certainly options.

Let me make one comment: if you're going to post an opportunity, be sure to indicate whether you're open to contract or only full-time, and also whether you're open to remote or only local developers.

Here are a few to start with. Some are places where you can post a job, others are simply aggregators of CF jobs found elsewhere:

Updated entries:

  • Clark Valberg's Developer Circuit - besides being a list, also offers a useful flex-based widget that user group managers or bloggers may want to add to their sites
  • Removed from the list, http://coldfusionjobs.com/, as entry appears to just be a parked domain (all links show the same non-recent info)

Note that I list a few user groups with jobs sections on their site. I mean no slight to any I missed. Just let me know.

Let me also point out that the ColdFusion Weekly Podcast has been making more and more job announcements. That's certainly a very compelling way to reach the CF audience.

Finally, another place for job-seekers to keep an eye on is Ben Forta's blog, in his "jobs" category:

I sense that he takes unsolicited submissions for jobs as well. Again, perhaps other bloggers also have job categories. If so, let me know.

Don't forget, of course, that CF-oriented consulting and product companies also often have job sections on their sites. Here are just a few (certainly not a complete list):

I'm open to any suggestions for more sites. Hope this helps some.

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Coldfusionjobs.com seems to be a parked domain now.
# Posted By Lola Lee Beno | 3/12/07 7:09 AM
Thanks. I did check all these before posting, but while the site does *appear* to be working and related to jobs (I just observed the toolbars and such), I do see now that they all lead to the same page of generic links. Thanks for noticing. I'll drop it from the list.
I notice that DeveloperCircuit.com wasn't mentioned. so thought I'd make that site known as well. It's Clark Valberg's baby, and has a somewhat unique approach of distributing job listings via a Flex widget as well as being able to search on the site directly.
Thanks, Doug. And my apologies to Clark. The original list I created (and shared by email in the past) was created before Clark created it, and while I did do a quick double-check of Google for other possible resources, his didn't come up in the top 60 I saw. But I just noticed today that he has paid ads that DO come up. Like many, I just tend to look past them. So sorry, Clark.

He and I traded emails about his useful widget some months back, and we just got caught up again today, so I will do another blog entry about an update he's working on.

In the meantime, I will add his site to the list above. At least it will be there for those who've not read it since last night. Thanks.
I now keep this list updated in my compendium of over 400 tools/resources for CFers:


Before you propose to offer a new one not listed in the blog entry above, please check the list first. Certainly, if you have an addition that's not there, let me know, whether by a comment here or a direct email via the resource list.
Those 'parked domains' annoy me. They're all the same, and just point to the same links. I would love to know who owns them all – they all certainly look the same, just with a different picture and some changes on the actual link names (although, they all seem to go to the same place.) I wonder how much money whoever owns these parked domains actually earns – some websites, I find, are strange in that they come up with the same site when you click on them. Surely someone hasn't registered that many sites?
# Posted By toys | 6/5/08 8:35 AM
Hi, can I offer up odesk as another resource for CF jobs? Go to http://www.odesk.com... and just give it a look to see if anything interests you.

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