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Using DWMX? Wish you had CF Studio or HomeSite+? You do, for free!

Note: This blog post is from 2006. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Though I've been trying to spread this word for years, I still find people don't realize it. If you were a fan of CF Studio, while it's no longer available, you will find that HomeSite+ is effectively the same tool. And it's FREE--as long as you have a license for Dreamweaver MX or Studio MX.

You can't download it, nor can you buy it. (You can by HomeSite, but that's not the same as HomeSite+.) You'll find HS+ as an installer file on the DWMX CD, but not on the installer menu (though that's been addressed finally in DWMX 8).

For more details, see an article I did for Fusion Authority back in 2004 (which points at yet another article I did in the CFDJ in 2003:


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I started using Homesite in 96 (registered user) and from then on, it has been my tool of choice. Nick Bradbury wrote some slick software apps back then and they have gotten better. 4.5.2 was the last that I paid for. We bought a few dreamweaver licenses and I was shocked to find the full version+ of homesite5.5+ on the install CD. Ran Homesite for a year or more. I

I've left the homesite for cfeclipse. Been rough but I'm sticking with it.

Anyone at Adobe Listening???? HomeSite + for students with pricing structures they cab handle.

Or 180days time sensitive trial product.
# Posted By Scott P | 8/2/06 12:50 AM
missed contact information.
# Posted By Scott P | 8/2/06 12:56 AM
This could be significant regarding HomeSite for some folks: http://www.adobe.com...
# Posted By Calvin | 8/2/06 7:04 AM
Scott, was that "missed contact information" a question? Or a clarification? Even then, I'm not sure I understand.
Fair point, Calvin. I'll point folks also to the release notes, which may offer still more useful insights (and includes that one):

To that UTF issue, I'll point out that I found something that may help. In a w3.org document explaining how to deal with chracter encoding issues in various editors, it offers this specifically for HomeSite+ (which is cool to see them even recognize--and it's not HomeSite, though I'm sure it applies to that as well):

"You need to enter the encoding markup into the file. When saving the file, select: File > Save As and select the proper encoding using the Encoding dropdown menu.

There is also an HTML Tidy feature that validates your code as you type. When using this feature, be sure to set this to the same encoding format. Go to: Options > Settings > CodeSweeper category > HTML Tidy CodeSweeper subcategory > Macromedia HTML subcategory > Char encoding dropdown menu."

The page is at http://www.w3.org/In...

Here's yet another work-around (though some may consider it lame):


If anyone has this challenge and can report if the w3.org approach helps, I'd appreciate hearing. I have to admit not having much work in I18n.
As my missed contact information comment - I don't have a clue what I meant. Blame it on sleep
# Posted By Scott P | 8/4/06 12:22 AM
In case anyone is curious about the diffs between standalone HomeSite and HomeSite+, read this.

FAQ: What is HomeSite+? How is it different from HomeSite?
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