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Folks, did you know that you can easily sign up to receive an email whenever I post a new blog entry? It's a feature that Ray's nifty BlogCFC makes quite simple. Just see the "subscribe pod" on the right toolbar.

I'm surprised how many other blogs don't offer such an option, instead relying on folks to understand RSS. As I talked about in an earlier entry on watching the RSS feeds of the CF news aggregators, not everyone is quite yet versed in using RSS readers. I have been thinking about creating a new entry as a plea to other bloggers, but that's for another time.

And it may seem rudimentary that I should point out that this subscription option exists, but I've had a few people comment that they're "surprised to come and find out how many blog entries I've posted" since they last visited. If they signed up for the subscription feature, they'd get them delivered to their door...er, inbox.

Come on in, the water's fine. :-) I won't use the subscription for any purpose other than notifications about the blog. Promise.

Greetings from my new blogspace and web site, carehart.org

Greetings from my new blogspace and web site, carehart.org. I plan to make this my new home for all the various resources I've contributed to the CFML community over the years. Some I may bring here, others I may point to where they exist, and surely some I will create anew here.

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