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Have there been any updates to the CF Report Builder feature? Yes, in fact

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
I wanted to share here some info I shared on a mailing list. Someone asserted that "there's been little to no attention given by Adobe towards fixing bugs in the Report Builder feature". Well, no doubt many have long ago dismissed it if they used it when it first came out in CF7 and hit some snags.

But to be clear, there have been many improvements made to it in each release/point release and CHFs since then (whether bug fixes, minor improvements, or even some modest ones).

For those interested, just search for "report" in the following documents (to find references to cfreport and report builder):

I do realize that many may think there's still plenty more to be updated, but at least it shows it's not really been "little to no attention". :-)

Not picking a fight with anyone. I really think most just haven't noticed, so thought this may be helpful.

I really like report builder. Sure its clunky but it produces quite nice reports really quickly and easily. While at MAX I asked the CF team about improvements of the builder and they lead me to believe that in the near future it will possibly be an add in for eclipse. I look forward to Flexbuilder, Bolt and Report builder all on one tool.
# Posted By Paul Kukiel | 12/13/08 6:09 PM
I use report builder a lot and would love a eclipse plugin so I can drop the windows only issue.
# Posted By Scott P | 12/13/08 7:46 PM
I appreciate the post Charlie. I was really disappointed that there wasn't a single session at this years' MAX about reporting in CF and the report builder. I had gone to some great sessions in years past (and at CFUnited) from Dean Harmon that helped a lot. I guess maybe I'm in the minority as one who really uses CF's reporting capabilities a lot. I think those of us in the Government sector tend to do more of the charting/reporting stuff and a lot less of the flashy/flexy stuff.
# Posted By jeff | 12/15/08 1:36 AM
Hi Charlie,

Thanks for posting this, I was actually the "Someone" who started that thread in the centaur newsgroups. :-)

Your reply was really informative. But the most frustrating thing from a developer point of view is, when i come across an issue with CF report builder, I normally tend to search about that through google, (or) I may post the same in Adobe coldfusion forums. But none of them gave me the answers. The same is with Adobe KB articles too..

I once again thank you for posting those links.
# Posted By David R | 12/15/08 2:17 AM
hey Charlie,

What's labeled as 8.01 CHF 1-3 is actually for 8.0 (chf8000003.jar). Full list is at

and the latest Report Builder installer is at the CF downloads page
# Posted By David Lakein | 12/25/08 1:54 PM
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