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Limited-time discount on upgrade to CF2023 from CF2018 or earlier

Here's great news for those still running CF2018 or earlier, who may have been holding off upgrading to CF2023 because you would have to pay full price.

TLDR; Now through Sep 30, 2024 those running CF9, 10, 11, 2016 or 2018 can upgrade to CF2023 for 25% off its full price. (Those running CF2021 can already/always could upgrade at 50% off the full price.)

For more, read on.

Existing upgrade discount for those on CF2021

As you may know, Adobe always offers an "upgrade" price 50% discount off the full price--but that's offered only for those who are on the immediately PREVIOUS release, which in this case would be ColdFusion 2021. Otherwise, anyone on ColdFusion 2018 or earlier has had to pay the full price to move to this newest release.

But every couple of years, the fine folks at Intergral (makers of FusionReactor, who are also ColdFusion resellers) make a special arrangement with Adobe to offer a special limited-time opportunity for folks on such older versions to move up to the new version at a discount.

(Note that this discounted price is NOT currently reflected on their reseller page. See the link to the blog post in the next section for how to take advantage of the special offer.)

This year's CF upgrade deal from the FR folks

And they've done that again this year: offering that 25% discount (25% off the full price of CF, for those on CF9-2018), which is available now through Sep 30 2024, according to their blog post released today. This is a great deal for those who are on older CF releases and who may finally be tempted to move to CF2023.

Why should you consider getting onto CF2023?

If you're on an older CF release, here are a few reasons you should get onto CF2023 sooner rather than later:

  1. As you may know, CF2025 is in the offing. That's not been announced formally yet, but it's been mentioned at recent CF conferences and some Adobe social media posts. Again, only those on CF2023 will get to upgrade to CF2025 at 50% off the regular price. Once this deal ends, even someone on CF2021 will have to pay full price to get to CF2025. (All this is assuming Adobe licensing remains the same as the past several releases.)
  2. If you're not on CF2021 or above now, then as you may know CF 2018 and below are no longer being supported or updated by Adobe--including security updates! There have already been several security-related updates to CF2023 and 2021, but those on CF2018 or below are at grave risk from the vulnerabilities that have been addressed only in these supported versions.
  3. Then there are of course the various new and changed features in CF2023 which you could leverage. Adobe highlights those on their site, but I'll point out that each release I do a "Hidden Gems" talk where I point out still other lesser-known things which you may find still more compelling. See the PDF or youtube recording of my Hidden Gems in CF2023 .
  4. And as far as compatibility in moving to CF2023, Adobe has long tried to maintain compatibility between releases. Of course, the further back you are, the more issues you may hit. And in fact I have a talk on Migrating apps to ColdFusion 2023 from earlier versions, where I review the changes you may hit in migrating from each release all the way back to CF9
  5. That said, do note that in recent updates (in March 2024 and June 2024), Adobe has introduced some new breaking changes, where they felt compelled to "sacrifice compatibility for security". Beware before making the upgrade. Even so, there are options for you to revert things to "sacrifice security for compatibility". See my blog posts on each of the updates, where I discuss that and point to Adobe and other resources regarding the March 2024 CF updates and the June 2024 CF updates.

You may want to check out also the PDF and/or recordings of my related talks, Migrating CF Admin Settings between versions, safely and Installing CF2023: choices, challenges, and solutions.

Finally, notice also the discussion on the FR blog post about considering buying also an Adobe support agreement, which allows you to move to the next new version at no additional cost, among other benefits.


Of course, I can help you in considering, planning, implementing, or dealing with compatibility or other issues in your moving to CF2023 or any release (or to Lucee). For more, see my consulting services page.

Finally, let me point out also that anytime you may want to buy a CF license, note that the FR folks always offer at least 5% off, whether an upgrade or full price license. Again, see their site, buy-adobe-software.com, which despite the name is really only about CF--and where they always show the actual prices (which can be hard for some to find on the Adobe site.)

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