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Bug I've reported: CF Admin update page mistakenly lists current version in "Available Versions"

If you use the ColdFusion Admin to perform CF updates (vs updating via the command line), has it ever confused or annoyed you that the CF admin update page lists the currently installed version as the first value in "available versions"? That's illogical and confusing.

And it seems easily solved: they should just list the installed version on its own line on the page, above the dropdown.

If you agree that this should be addressed, please do add a vote at the tracker ticket I just posted:


Sometimes Adobe only implements changes if many ask for it (though sadly, as in this case, some just grumble at an annoyance they may hit only rarely and they move on without ever reporting it. I didn't find anyone else having reported this there, before I created my ticket.)

If you need more info to understand the problem, I'll save you going to look at the ticket by repeating here what I wrote there:

Folks, there's a quirk since CF2021 about the CF Admin update page (the "Package Manager" page).

It mistakenly lists whatever is the CURRENTLY INSTALLLED "core server" update as the first item in the "Available Versions" dropdown. But that's not an AVAILABLE version.

Instead, the current version ought to be listed as a NEW line of its own ("Installed version"), and then the available versions drop down should only have anything in it if there truly ARE available versions.

Background: I have witnessed many people be confused by that, thinking that it meant the first-listed (often only-listed) core server update was NOT yet installed. Only if they look more closely at the page might they notice that the lines ABOVE indicate things like the "Backup Directory", "Uninstaller Location", and "Install Log Directory", which name the currently installed update in their folder names, such as "\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-2021-00013-330286", though for some that's a bit too subtle.

The thing is, in CF2018 and before, it was more obvious since there was an "available updated" and "installed updates" tab.

If it helps some reading along here, I provide first a screenshot of how things look in ColdFusion 2021, as of the currently available update 13 which you can see I DO have installed: https://www.screencast.com/t/OZEOgfAkkI

Then here's a screenshot of how we used to have a more clear distinction of what was installed vs what was available: https://www.screencast.com/t/ifE58oP9nn

I do understand why the UI changed in CF2021, with the incorporation also of the "packages", both "installed" and "available", with the main update being the "core server" update. The tabs used in the previous versions no longer would make sense, in trying to cover both kinds of updates.

But it does seem a simple solution here would be to add a NEW line in the current "core server", above the "available versions", which indicates whatever is the "installed version". Indeed, it would seem a rather trivial change to implement, with potentially wide-ranging improvement for the sake of all who apply update via the CF Admin (which I find is still the majority of ColdFusion folks).

Again, if you find that dismaying, please do add a vote. And if you may want to lament about Adobe's handling of bugs or other annoyances, etc., while I appreciate the concerns I don't necessarily share them. I see them fix many bugs, so this is not the place to have that debate.

As I like to remind people: it's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. And as always, I'm just trying to help. :-)

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