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Recordings available for the recent 17-session Adobe ColdFusion Online Summit 2024

If you may have missed the news, Adobe recently held an online event over several weeks (Mid-Feb to Mid-March) where they had most of the presenters from the Adobe CF Summit 2023 in Vegas give repeats of their talks. (They call it the "Online Summit", though some may refer to it also as the "summit online"). Of course, it's a great way for those who can't attend the event to see the talks--and for the presenters it can be a great chance to tweak their talks since giving them a few months before.

And the recordings are all available online, and here's how to find them.

The recording links, title, descriptions, and presenters

Adobe has made them available at YouTube via their AdobeColdFusion YouTube channel. More specifically, there is a playlist of the event's 17 sessions. Adobe has yet another page where they list the talks (and the talk descriptions) as well as a direct link to each video.

I could just leave it at that, but it may help some folks to better consider the topics if I list them here (along with the presenters, several from Adobe but most from the community). As in the YouTube playlist, they are offered in the order they were presented in the recent weeks:

  1. Hidden gems in ColdFusion 2023 (Charlie Arehart)
  2. ColdFusion + GCP (Aaron Rouse)
  3. Revolutionizing Monitoring with AI: A Journey Towards Proactive Problem-Solving (David Tattersall)
  4. Utilizing Github Copilot to help with ColdFusion development (Monte Chan)
  5. GCP Firestore & ColdFusion 2023 the NoSQL easy button (Dave Ferguson)
  6. Create as many Adobe ColdFusion 2023 Web Sites as you want at a fixed price (George Murphy)
  7. Leveraging Adobe Acrobat PDF services with Adobe ColdFusion (Ray Camden)
  8. Transitioning from WordPress to ContentBox: A Powerful ColdFusion Alternative (Daniel Garcia)
  9. Build a Complex Web Form with RuleBox and TestBox (Annette Liskey)
  10. Cfhtmltopdf: Out with the old, in with the new! (Laveesha Kimra, Adobe)
  11. Exploring Cloud Services with ColdFusion (Rochelle Hannah, Adobe)
  12. SAML Single Sign On and SAML/LDAP Integration with ColdFusion Administrator (Megha Bhat K, Adobe)
  13. Web Components in Your CFML Application (Nolan Erck)
  14. Containerizing your ColdFusion Installation (Suchika Singh, Adobe)
  15. Managing ColdFusion configuration settings with CCS (Piyush Nayak, Adobe)
  16. From Development to Production: PMT's Full Support to Cf (Satyam Mishra, Adobe)
  17. Building Central San's Next Generation Web GIS & Asset Management Systems with Adobe ColdFusion (Carl Von Stetten)

Again, see the Adobe page above listing their descriptions and links. (The descriptions are also offered on the youtube videos, but neither place always identifies the presenter). Note that an advantage of using the playlist link is that you see them offered as a series (which youtube lets you save and easily revisit over time).

It's good to be able to keep up on things related to CF that may be new or that may be new to you, so I'm glad to share this list.

"Why don't they just record the sessions live in Vegas?"

Finally if someone may ask, "why didn't Adobe just record the sessions live at the Summit in Vegas?", I'll note that there are both technical and um, "other", reasons why that's not as easy as it may seem.

To make the second point indirectly, I'll offer a quote from the classic 80's film, "Back to School", where Rodney Dangerfield portrays successful businessman Thornton Melon. He's decided to get the degree he never did, to help his son who's struggling with his studies.

While they're both in the first session of a business 101 class, Rodney's character can't help but question the smug teacher over how he's "left out a bunch of stuff" about the practical realities of building a manufacturing plant, including how "...if you plan on using any cement in this building, I'm sure the teamsters would like to have a little chat with ya...and that'll cost ya." :-) [3-min video clip]

Sponsors at the event could also let you know how, um, "challenging" it can be to get even trivial things done in a Vegas conference venue.

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Love the Rodney Dangerfield reference.
# Posted By Shannon Ryan | 4/12/24 3:33 PM
Shannon, thanks. I wondered if anyone would read that far. Or to quote Rodney's signature line, "I tell ya...I don't get no respect. No respect at all.". :-)
Thanks Charlie for Compiling this, and also explaining the reasons behind the records from Las Vegas, lots of people ask for them, and its great that Adobe and the speakers take the time to present and record.

I wasn't able to schedule mine, so I guess I'll have to do it later on the CF Online Meetup and we can cross post later.

Thanks again for all you do Charlie, have fun at CF Summit East and see you at Into the Box.
# Posted By Gavin Pickin - Ortus Solutions | 4/16/24 11:44 AM
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