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Delighted to be presenting at CFCamp 2024, on "Using Redis for session storage in ACF and Lucee"

I'm delighted to share the news that I've been selected to be a presenter again at the wonderful CFCamp event, being held again June 13-14 in Munich, Germany. (I got the news last week but have been overwhelmed with recent work, so I've been behind posting such news. I have still more to come.)

As one of the premier conferences for both Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee, I highly recommend you attend the event if you can. Plus, if you don't live in Europe it's a great excuse to vacation on the continent and be tax-deductible at the same time! :-)

My talk this year (my 8th straight appearance at the event) will be a new one for me. Here are the details:

Using Redis for session storage in ACF and Lucee: why, and how it's easily done

Did you know that you can setup CF and Lucee so that if they are restarted, your user's sessions are not lost? It requires zero code changes, just admin configuration. And did you know it's been possible for ACF since CF2016? Oh, and this CF Redis sessions feature works on CF Standard as well Enterprise and the free Developer edition of course.

In this session, Charlie Arehart will show how easy this is to setup and use. He'll discuss how to configure it in both ACF and Lucee, and since that's so easy he'll also discuss and demonstrate options for setting up a Redis server (on Linux, Windows, or Mac) or using a Redis service (including zero-cost options for testing or production). He'll also address various other important aspects of using this Redis sessions feature.

It's a topic I've long been meaning to present on, and I'm glad to cover it now for both audiences.

That presentation info is offered also on my site (along with all my past talks) at carehart.org/presentations. After the session, I will offer the PDF of the slide deck there; and while the sessions are typically recorded they are generally made available only to attendees, so I'll add a link for that there also once it's available. And I plan to eventually present it again on the online CF Meetup, some time after the event.

Other CFCamp talks now posted

Right after I posted this entry, I happened to notice the news was shared today that all the presenters and their topics have now been posted, on the CFCamp "Sessions" page.

FWIW, my talk is listed last. Of course, someone always has to be last--just like someone has to be in the last slot of the day--or the first, or after lunch. First-world presenter problems, I realize!

And I'll hope it's not a sign of perceived low interest in the topic of course, but we'll see what the turnout is like on the day! :-) I've always had a full room in my talks there, which I assume is another reason why they so kindly keep inviting me back. Thanks, as always, to all involved.

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