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How can I keep CF Admin settings in sync between multiple servers or instances?

This question was asked today on the Adobe CF forums. The person had CF instances on multiple servers and lamented having to login to each CF admin to make changes that would apply equally to all instances, in particular creating or changing datasources. They wondered if in fact there was a feature in the CF Admin to "cluster" datasource definitions, like there is (since CF2016) the feature to "cluster" scheduled tasks.

I explained that there was not such a "feature" but that there were at least two options to achieve the goal. The answer was long enough (as is my wont) that I should have probably created a blog post instead. After submitting it, I decided to do just that, here (and I have tweaked here what I said, with some more elaboration and links).

Short answer: there are two tools that can help with this task, the CF Admin API (minimalist and manual), and the CFConfig tool within CommandBox (powerful and automated), as well as some seeming "shortcut" options (copying neo xml files, using symlinks, etc., which I'd advise strong caution against). I also give the CF CAR file feature an honorable mention.

For more on all this, read on.

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I believe one could also create a .car file and apply it, in theory, but I am not certain it would get 100% of the settings one might be applying manually.
Would get tedious with more than a handful of boxes to update though.
# Posted By Mark Gregory | 4/7/20 12:47 PM
Oh, of course. Very good point, Mark. I certainly should have mentioned that. I was thinking more of syncing than migrating, but it's close enough.

I will tweak the post, thanking you for the suggestion.
# Posted By charlie arehart | 4/7/20 12:51 PM
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