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New Oracle JVM update released, July 16 2019

Just a heads-up for folks using CF, Lucee, and other Java-based apps and app servers: Oracle has released today a new JVM update, for Java 8 and 11. It's update 221 for Java 8 (1.8.0_221), and update 4 for Java 11 (11.0.4).

For some, that's all they need to know. For most, they will probably want to read on.

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I amusing ColdFusion 9.0.1 with jdk 1.7.0_75 version. I have to use TLS 1.2 in my systems.

I have tried:

have tried:
-   Added -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 line to JRun4 > bin > jmv.config file.
-   Installed jdk1.8.0_172 - jdk1.8.0_221 versions and changed JRun4 > bin > jmv.config > java.home path. After that when i want to open web page, opens empty page. It is empty between body tags. Can you help me?
# Posted By Hakan | 7/29/19 3:44 AM
First, it's worth nothing that CF9 was never updated to run Java 8. Still, many have run the two, to solve such problems and it worked (some have had problems, but they could have other explanations, since changing the JVM CF uses is indeed touchy business).

Indeed, as for the blank pages, it could be that something has gone amiss in your attempt to update the jvm and its args--assuming that is indeed all you did. I have a post on several common problems doing that, and how to solve them:


Third, yes it's likely that the change needed to solve your tls problem was indeed the need to update the jvm. I discuss this more here:


Or, if you just want the problem solved, I can help remotely and often quickly via my consulting. See https://www.carehart...
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 7/30/19 10:13 AM
I just tweaked my previous comment, to add the first point now shown there. I should have mentioned it, at the outset, given that you are on CF9.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 7/30/19 10:25 AM
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 8/7/19 1:24 PM
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