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New Oracle JVM update released, July 16 2019

Just a heads-up for folks using CF, Lucee, and other Java-based apps and app servers: Oracle has released today a new JVM update, for Java 8 and 11. It's update 221 for Java 8 (1.8.0_221), and update 4 for Java 11 (11.0.4).

I've discussed the matter of JVM updates relative to CF--and several important things to consider--in another post I did for the last update (in April), on the Adobe CF portal: https://coldfusion.adobe.com/2019/04/updates-available-java-8-11-apr-16-2019/. In that, I cover topics such as:

  • Which Java can I use with the version of CF I have installed?
  • Am I really able to use Java 11 (and Java 8 updates after 202) in production?
  • Where can I download the Java updates?
  • How do I update the Java that CF is running?
  • What if I have problems updating the Java that CF uses?
  • What if I have problems applying the CF update (so that I can run Java 11)?

All my answers there are as relevant now as they were then. (That said, whereas that update offered two variants for Java 8, as 211 and 212, this update has only the one, 221.)

Finally, note that as of this writing (5p Central on the 19th), the JVM installers and files are NOT available on the Adobe CF downloads page, section on JVM files. If past experience is a guide, it may not appear for several days. (See my comments on whether that should "matter" for you, in the aforementioned blog post.)

And as I explain in the post, I have other past blog posts that can help if you will be trying the JVM update yourself, or I can help through my troubleshooting consulting.

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