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Updates released today for CF2018, CF2016, and CF11

Note: This blog post is from 2019. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
While word has been shared elsewhere about this today already, I wanted to share here also that there were updates released today for CF2018, CF2016, and CF11.

And I share a bit more here, for my readers.

The CF11 update was a surprise

The update for CF11 is a surprise, because formal support for CF11 was supposed to have ended in April, with *no more updates* (as was announced in this Dec 2018 blog post). I have asked about that on that Adobe blog entry today about the updates. Maybe it's a one-off.

What's in store for those on all 3 releases, including a security fix

Anyway, everyone using CF2018, 2016, or 11 should apply the updates. See that Adobe post about the latest updates today, as it has more detail about them--including links to the technotes for each update, which then talk about what was changed, including:

  • closing an important security vulnerability
  • fixing several bugs, including a few I've seen discussed in the community in recent weeks and months
  • and (for CF2016 and 2018 only) a couple of new features added and platforms supported

What if you are reluctant to apply the updates, or want help

I understand that some people are reluctant to apply updates as soon as they come out, preferring to let others be the guinea pigs. Since this one includes a security update, you need to weight that decision carefully. Again, see the technote and CVE info for more.

I will add first that if you DO try to do the update and have problems, I have a couple of cornerstone blog posts on dealing with problems applying updates, both here and on the Adobe CF portal:

And as I explain in both, I am available to help you also, remotely, quickly, and with satisfaction guaranteed.

What about updates to the Adobe CF Docker images

Finally, you may notice also in the comments of the Adobe blog post, I mention that I don't yet see a new Docker image for the updates of CF2018 and 2016. They had provided those on the day of the Feb 12 updates at least, which I had noted in a comment that day on the post announcing that update.

If you weren't aware, Adobe started offering Docker images for CF a year ago, again for CF2018 and 2016, and each of their updates. See more in that blog post I just offered, including other CF resources about it.

Better still, you can expect to hear more from me about it, especially helping people get started with it, as I will be discussing in my talk at CF Summit. But I'll save that news for my next blog post.

PS And yes, Brad, I do expect we may hear first that Forgebox has new CF engine updates, for those using Commandbox instead of the Adobe-provided Docker images. :-)

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