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CF updates temporarily missing. Get them here

If you've tried to get the update files for cf 2018, 2016, 11, or 10 in recent days, whether from the CF Admin "updates" page or the update technote pages, you've found the update jar files are missing and unavailable, due to a temporary problem. Here's how to get them in the meantime.

First, note that Adobe is aware of the problem. I observed it a couple of days ago and reported it. And they are working on it. It was not intentional, but it's also not something the cf team directly controls. They're working with the Adobe folks responsible.

But since the gears grind slowly there sometimes, I will point out that yesterday I have put the most recent updates for all 4 versions on the CFMLRepo site, where a few trusted community members have for years posted also past CF (and Lucee and Railo and CFBuilder) installers. To be clear: files CANNOT be put there by "just anyone", so you can trust them as much as you trust me and Gavin Pickin, who have write access.

I have also put there as many other update jar files for all four recent CF versions as I have, all the 3 of the CF2018 ones are there, and a few each of the others, but most importantly the LATEST update is there for each: Update 3 for CF2018, Update 10 for CF2016, Update 18 for CF11, and Update 23 for CF 10. I'll add more as I can.

Just go to the folder for each version (on the CFMLRepo site), and from there see its "fixes" folder. BTW, that "fixes" name goes back to before 2012, when cf10 started calling them updates. You may see that we started adding a "fixes" folder for cf9, for instance, with its hot fixes, security fixes, etc. We had not bothered with the updates since CF10, since we never felt we needed to until this incident.

I understand some people will only want to get update files and installers directly from Adobe, but until their problem is resolved I hope this will help others. When their problem is resolved, I will update this post to clarify that.

(I posted this on the Adobe CF portal as well. This is the first time I've posted something on both, but since their site requires moderation which could take several hours, I wanted to get this posted ASAP. As I feared--warned them when I first brought it up--there have been already a few forum and portal discussions from people complaining of the issue. So I wanted to get this news out ASAP.)

Update: my post there has since been released.

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thank you so much as always Charlie. we await news from Adobe
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